What do you think about these dogs?

  • I want a companion for Maca my female basenji..

    and the breeder has these dogs for sale..


    can you take a look a tell me what think about them?

    And forget Fanconi.. nobody gets on these country..

    Maca will get tested.. before breed, but i think will choose a female
    because im not sure about breeding here.. i need to make fanconi first
    and even fanconi done, still wondering if wanna breed.

    but she is lonely.. so i want another basenji.

  • Has any health testing been done on the b your thinking of buying?

  • Although I am not a breeder and I don't show Basenjis, I am very leery of anyone who sells Basenjis online with a credit card account without ever wanting to meet prospective buyers first. It looks like a puppy-mill to me, but I a sure that more learned folks will weigh in with their opinions. Regardless, I would proceed with caution, these people seem to be out for a SALE and not so concerned with the welfare of their puppies - just my opinion. Good luck, whatever you decide!

  • Responsible breeders don't sell online with credit card to first buyer. Find a responsible breeder but be aware that unless your dog is quality and maybe not even then, you shouldn't be breeding. Spay your dog, enjoy your pet. Find a responsible breeder or responsible rescue to get a companion. If your dog is female, get a male for the best chance of them living together without fighting.

  • I too got a bad feeling when viewing these Basenjis. I would never buy one from someone who would sell without interviewing the prospective buyer first.

  • I don't read Spanish so I had to use a web language translater to look things up. I found the breeder's website and it is obvious that they are breeding dogs for profit. They currently have 2 litters of Basenjis, 2 litters of Bulldogs, 1 litter of Mini Bull Terriers, and 4 litters of Chihuahuas. There are no show photos of their dogs and most of the dogs, in all breeds, are poor examples of their breeds. There is no mention of any kind of health testing nor are pedigrees posted.

    I was able to look up the pedigree of the puppies you are looking at and there are quite a few very nice American champions behind both parents. Unfortunately, there are also quite a number of health problems, most specifically Fanconi Syndrome and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

    I would be very hesitant to buy from someone who breeds such a large volume of puppies but if you decide to look into it further, I would require both parents and the puppies to be DNA tested for Fanconi and 3 generations behind both the sire and dam to have current eye exams done by a veterinary ophthalmologist. The eye exams are no guarantee you won't end up with a blind dog but the more info you have can help you make an informed decision.

  • Hi, thanks a lot for all your comments, need to make some background, these breeder is one of the most serious breeeder.. there are anothers, so good and others sooo worst..

    I wanna have your good eye about the quality of the dogs, they have some mexican champions and are the only ones breeding minibullls.. all their dogs are on the databaese of basenjis.. they sells all the dogs registered, that is more than other does.

    A member of the group have a female with fancone clear and will breed with Blade, thats he tell me to last night. Because wanna have some good "lines".

    Olga Vorovieba the breeder on my link takes her dogs on show. And have the best french young of the year, and the best minibull, and the mexican champion for her basenjis, so she is making show. But for sure the dogs are not like the dogs that you have on USA.

    Here is my Maca.. Hungana named.


    but yes, its a sad thing that the mexican breeders till my know are not making fanconi. But im not for sure. Im not live on Mexico City. Where are some breders.

    Maca already have 2 years, and somebody ask me to breed her, but again, after read here im afraid of fanconi, the breeder tells me that will make test on the future, and the parents are healty today. But yes, i won breed without fanconi, but in fact i think my female is not enough pretty to breed. And wont breed just for sale puppis. So im not in a hurry and maybe will ended spayed her. I enjoy her so much. I dont wanna make her breed just for sale.

    But i cant import a dog, so need to choose on what we have here on Mexico.

    We have a group on FB "Basenji Mexico" and the owner of the group and I post about fanconi every now and then, but you know cant insist to much.

    The people on the group breed their dogs, as usual here on Mexico, and i insist them on at least breed dogs with full pedigri so at least dont go on "inbreeding".

    If you wanna see a real puppy mill see these and their creppy pedigris..


    a lot of inbreding! and i wrote to them and ask about fanconi test and they dont test. And yes, they make shows too. Maybe the Federation need to change the rules.

    About the veterinary ophthalmologist, there is one on Mexico City but not on my city or in Cancun , where Olga lives.. its sad that we are so behind on the health test.. i dont wanna see fanconi affected basenjis on few years.

    Well maybe wait for the sons of blade to have a super nice dog, or maybe buy another from Olga. I like their dogs, and sure im not an expert.

    Here on Mexico, the people sells to almost anyone.. that how the things works here.

    There is just one breeder that sells spayed italian galgos, and choose carefully when sells females. But if you browse the mercado libre site, pff.. we need to learn a lot still.

    So im more interested on the quality of the dogs, i read that Yodel says that are poor examples of their breeds. I was thinking that was nice dogs.. lol

    Later will post photos of my female Maca. Thanks again for comment.

  • I forget to say, i was reading about the fanconi test on the OFA Site, but i dont understan if i order and they sent to Mexico the test.. i dont know if the service is only inside USA or can make the order and recieve the test here on Mexico, so can test maca and sent to USA the sample. If someone can ask about that, i will apreciate a lot. so i can make the order.

    I post the link on the FB group but if I can give more explanations to the members will be good so maybe the people decide to make the test to their dogs. Im not sure if they send the test outside USA.

    The test its no cheap but its not expensive , so i really want to test Maca for fanconi even when i wont breed her. I need to put the example.. lol.. always talking about fanconi to others and dindt make to my own dog. is ilogical.

  • I forget to say there is no rescue basenji here, because the breed is so rare.. on the group the admin post some request for basenjis on adoption, and i tell her that need to get spayed that dogs. Someone adopted a male and female.. and guess what? he breed them! i was so upset. because breed two dogs without fanconi without pedigri, without test them on the rings, so nobody knows who the parents are .. etc.

    And what was the purpose of that breed.. yes, to sale the puppies, there is no another purpose on that. Because he breed and then sells the puppies. So was the idea on that. Nothing .. just get some money breeding two rescues.:-(. Not show , not anything with that dogs, just breed.

    By the way, i know that a Blade sons was on the last expo and win the best of breed.

  • And finally here is the link to the mexican group, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=62258727107&ref=ts there are a lot of resposible owners. Not everybody breed rescues, ok? We enjoy a lot our basenjis. And theres one mix that was rescue for one of the members and now lives a good life. A super cute mix. 🙂 Some members that live on the same city, make dates to have the basenjis plays wich others on a safe park.

    Im the only on my city.. i know there are more basenjis here, but i dont know who they are. Or where they are, are dogs from Olga's Kennels too.

  • hello Maca,

    I understand your situation, it is e same here in Dominican Republic
    ( te escribiria en espanol pero no quiero excluir a las demas personas del foro). There are just no responsible breeders at all here. Definitely not for basenjis, but I haven't met any for any breed. Either they breed with profit in mind,, or they breed because they have a couple.. And they have profit in mind. Or they breed because they think it is "really cruel" to not let their dogs " enjoy" sex and the experience of birth and parenthood. Most people here are outraged at the thought of spaying, neutering, unless it's for a medical condition or because the dog is violent ( which everyone thinks that will solve). But everyone has profit in mind when they have puppies and no one cares about health testing or even less about who they sell the puppies to. That just does not exist and my experience has been that whenever I share my views on the matter I get ridiculed by most people who think it's strange to consider dogs, as if they were people!..
    I have thought about this myself a lot and I don't think I would get a basenji locally.
    I was able to get the fanconi test sent here but we use private mail company that has po box in Florida, local mail is useless, so I am not sure if they will send to Mexico.

  • Maca,

    Some responsible breeders in the US do ship puppies out of country, so that may be an option for you as well if you find your local options limited.

  • Thanks Nemo and Dmey, Dmey you are resume the situation exactly!!

    I think Olga is the best in all cases, but sadly she dont make test, i think in the future will make.. maybe is afraid about results..

    And yes, so i will need a bussines adress, there are companys that offers that services.. so i will use.

    Some "responsible breeder" breed her bitch because need the money to pay for the services of an american dog.. no comments.

    I will carry on with the fanconi test on the Mexico's group.. i started to help people to notice the importance of have their dogs registered. And buy from breeders that offers the pedigri, so can track the lineage.

    Its a start i think.

    Some people on the group will spay her bitches because dont wanna make profit with them and other will take to another country because will change her residence and wont left behing her dogs. So there are people who actually care about the dogs.

    I will wait for the test for Maca to consider breed her, but maybe when i have the chance will buy another dog from Olga's Kennels or another registered owner because i dont want that Maca lives alone. So for sure will buy another dog, and a male, so wont fight each other. 🙂 thanks for comment.

    So, start to the point what think about the actual dogs that Olga are selling if only can choose them who will pick up? I wanna know what dog are the best on that page. I wont buy any but wanna make my eye.. with the help of yours. 🙂

  • Sounds like a good plan.

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