Devil dog/good dog

Just a funny story to tell. Some years ago I used to take my 2 on walks out near SF Bay on a road that was 3 miles around with a canal that surrounded the perimeter of the area. Most People that brought their dogs there would let them off leash as there was no escape with the canal as a border. This German fellow used to go there with his German Shepard mutt. Ringo the red/wht male and being an alpha type guy like to challenge larger dogs who stood over him. Ringo challenged his dog a few times and the dog just stood there very still a bit worried looking. I'd put him on leash when we'd pass so Ringo wouldn't threaten his dog until we passed. Nika my blk/wht never bothered with the dog. So every time we'd pass this guy he'd hold his dog between his legs to protect him and he'd say to me, in a heavy German accent "that dog's the devil dog" pointing to Ringo and "that dog's the good dog" pointing to Nika.

Wow! Would I be mad if someone let a dog run loose who would physically threaten other dogs! Good German Shepard for not continuing a fight!

Great story…and LOVE the avatar!

I always had to be careful with Ringo when I took him out somewhere off leash and If I saw people in the distance with a dog I'd get him on leash so he would not bother their dogs or for his own safety. It's weird because there's a place in San Francisco called Fort Funston that's huge by the coast and it's kind of a dog part where there are tons of dogs that are off leash. With so many dogs around he would just mellow out and just smell and play.

Yes, most of the dogs do that at Ft Funston… great place! Little to far for me to go and I especially stay away on weekends, way to many people that don't have a clue about their dogs....

Yes I agree Pat, Fort Funston could get very crowded and dangerous for smaller dogs as packs of bigger dogs playing could cause injury. My 2 Basenjis were very good and stayed pretty close to me and got used to the crowds. The only problem I had there was with this lady who had an older Tri color female Basenji. It would bite my blk/wht, Nika who was 1-1/2 on the butt. A few times of that and I stayed way away from her. The problem is Nika was a very playful girl and never did anything like that. A few times of getting nipped on the butt started her doing it to other dogs and Basenjis. A Basenji would want to play and Nika would chase and give a nip and the the other dog would get mad and a fight would occur. Nobody would ever get hurt thankfully. It was rare that it would happen as I took them there for 9 years, mostly on the weekend without problem. We had a lot of fun and people loved the Basenjis! Ringo, the red/wht was a very entertaining clown when we'd go down to the beach.

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