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    it was on Fox news earlier that 70 dogs have died as a result of eating chicken jerky treats made from chicken that has come from China. Kingdom Pets brand from Costco is one of them. Also certain Blue Buffalo brand pet foods have a recall for the same thing. Please re post and make sure all your doggie friends are aware of this plz share

  • Rather old news since there have been ongoing issues and Canada issued warnings months ago. Really makes me mad they took so long to acknowledge it here.
    PLEASE be careful about spreading stuff that is not true… Blue buffalo is not involved!


    The FDA issued a press release on November 18, 2011, describing its concern about what it described as ?an increase in the number of complaints it received of dog illnesses associated with consumption of chicken jerky products imported from China.? BLUE was not mentioned by the FDA and was not involved in any way in any of the incidents described by the FDA.

    Here is the link to the press release http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/NewsEvents/CVMUpdates/ucm280586.htm.

    Nevertheless, from there, some individuals, irresponsibly, or maybe maliciously, posted on various websites that Blue Chicken Jerky was the subject of the FDA?s concern. Our team spent much of the Thanksgiving weekend just trying to rein in these false rumors.

    If you are reading this, we know that it is because you are responsible enough to want to investigate the truth of this matter for yourself. We thank you for that. And we would be most grateful if you would share these facts with any of your web contacts who may have been misled by this rumor campaign.

    Love them like family. Feed them like family.
    Bill Bishop, Founder & CEO
    The Blue Buffalo Company

  • If the dogs are having similar symptoms as in the previous years, they need to be treated ASAP! It is my understanding that many are developing the acquired Fanconi Syndrome and need to be put on the protocol. Many vets though do not have the equipment to do the venous blood gas test and get an accurate diagnosis. Emergency vets should have the equipment.

    Do not buy any dog treats that come from China and if the package does not state where it is from then do not buy it!


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