• Bad dog #1
    We got a 6 ft privacy fence installed in March, we have never had a problem with the Nexa or Leo trying to dig under or jump over the fence. Yesterday 2 dogs went behind the shed chasing a squirrel and only 1 came out. I went and got Nexa, amazed that she made it over the top of the fence. Not two minutes after we are back inside the fence Nexa jumps the fence again! Of course this time she runs to the neighbor a few houses down with the perfect landscaping and starts eating their flowers.

    Bad dog #2
    Leo grabbed a sock out of my closet this morning and as he is running away to destroy it he swallows the whole thing. We get out the hydrogen peroxide because I'm not thinking socks will NOT digest. After the sock successfully comes up, Leo grabs the end of it and my wife and I are playing tug of war with a vomit covered sock…we won. :mad: At least we avoided the emergency vet.

  • I beginning to think the only thing that will contain a Basenji is an underground bunker. Then again they might dig there way through the concrete. Gosh what makes these pups so determined to get on the other side?

    Glad Leo came through the sock ordeal ok. Maybe you need baby locks on all your draws 😉

  • Lol…sorry to laugh but I was walking Indy the other day and for some strange reason there was a pair of socks in the middle of the side walk. Needless to say he saw it before I did. He raced up to it grabbed them and was starting his best show dog prance by the time I saw him.

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