Bullying dogs - dog psychology questions

  • Yesterday at a dog park that is usually very nice to go to, Kipawa was bullied by two larger dogs. He was totally submissive to these dogs but they were being quite brutish to Kipawa, pinning him on his back. One even peed on him while he was standing up, so his coat got soaked, but is fine after a good wash.

    The owners did not settle down their dogs. I rescued Kipawa quite quickly and we left (of course AFTER I had a few words with the owners).

    So, I am wondering why this happened.

    1. These two dogs seemed to be just playing and running with each other, but because they were running, Kipawa wanted in on the fun. Kipawa was running faster than them. Maybe they didn't like that? Did they see Kipawa as a '3rd nostril'?

    2. Kipawa was wearing a small winter jacket. Would that have had something to do with it?

    Also, one of these dogs, an overweight chocolate lab was not wearing a collar. His owner couldn't even get him off Kipawa.

    😞 So, that park is off our list of places to go to. I know many of you don't like dog parks for various reasons (like these). I think Kipawa and I are close to becoming one of you. He just has so much fun with other dogs. But I am NOT going to ruin his great personality by these types of encounters.

  • Why dogs take exception to another dog isn't an easy question to answer, but the main point here is that the owners of the other dogs were negligent. They should be watching what their dogs do, and should have immediately stepped in when things went off the rails. Of course, people don't always do what they should, which increases the risk of something untoward occurring. It can be worse to own the aggressor dog, especially if you have a conscience!

  • What a shame that Kipawa must stop going to that park and purely because some people don't control thier dogs. I hope you can find a better one.

  • Maybe you can find out when these 2 dogs go and go at some other time? It is a shame if you have a good place that a few dogs can spoil it for your dog. Sorry this happened but glad that pee was the worst of it. Hugs to you all.

  • One possible explanation for the dogs' behaviour is that perhaps they are buddies and didn't like an outsider horning in on their fun. Two dogs is certainly the start of a pack…..

  • Gee interesting that one was a lab – I don't know how many times a lab has come charging up to us when we're on walks. I call out to get the dog under control and every time but one the owner has said "s/he won't do anything; don't worry". Yeah right.

  • Well, the lab I mentioned (chocolate overweight one) almost took me out by slamming into my knee. I commented loudly " he better not insure my knee!" No comment from the owner. Others were keeping an eye on this over exhuberant dog too. Many peeps were standing behind a bench for protection.

    What really bugs me is that the park has very visible signs when you enter it that say you must have control of your dog.

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