Odd question: Why does the 3rd outside front toe (L and R) angle in on these dogs?

I've noticed this on both dogs I've owned. My theory is that it helps them run and corner faster. Their rear toes align like one would expect. I've always wondered about this! As Spock would say- "Fascinating."

In 30+ years as a Basenji breeder never heard of this? Are they both from the same breeder?

I can picture all the forum members scampering to examine their dog(s) toes. hehehe

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I was wondering the same thing...and a friend of mine said her whippet has the same thing and it has to do with speed and fast direction changing...

Cool. I never thought to take a look at cousin breeds to a B, but that makes sense.

I will have to check this out!!

Note that in my pups/Basenjis I have never seen this, so a picture of what you are referring to would be helpful

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