• I recently contacted the breeder where I got Ripley and asked her if there would be a time that I could bring Ripley by and introduce him to the other Basenjis. I thought it would be really fun for him to get to play with some other B's, and I wanted to talk to the breeder about conformation training.

    She emailed me back saying that I shouldn't bring him by because the adults probably wouldn't accept him, and that Basenjis can't be together with other adults unless raised by certain pack members. She said she can't run her 4 together.

    I just thought that was weird, and I was wondering if it was true/normal?

  • I would wait for the breeders to weigh in, but from what I know, that sounds really wrong. Understandably there are dogs that don't get along in some "packs" but I would imagine a good breeder well socializes their dogs to be friendly with others. Age shouldn't be a factor….. but wait for the breeders to comment.

  • Yes, breeders will have more pertinent comments on this, and most of their dogs are intact, which makes a big difference sometimes. Many years ago I had a litter with a very nice little female I had, and kept 3 brothers. About a year later one sister came to visit and all mine were very happy to see her and seemed to know her. Heck, they recognize humans they haven't seen for years, of course they would recognize a sister!

  • you + ripley + me + shango. park. soon. 🙂

    Shango's a good B for ripley to interact with. He's tolerant of puppies but still loves to play. They'll have a good time. Plus, I still have his bully stick!

  • My dogs are well socialized but they do not do well having other dogs come to their house. My two youngest girls enjoy off leash interaction with other dogs on neutral territory. Their mom does too but gets overly protective of her daughters if they are there also. My male has not had much opportunity for that sort of interaction.

    So I would say that I find it odd that she has to keep all 4 of dogs separate and that there is not specific combinations she can run together and some that can't be together. I don't find it odd that her adults wouldn't be very accepting of visiting dogs in their home.

  • I agree with lvoss… most times in a home situation, "guest" are not welcome unless they have know each other as pups... example... Fatia loved when her brother Tego would visit... others, not so much and particularly other bitches... Loose on neutual territory she was fine as were most of mine. Many times at lure trials those of us that stayed over in RV's would turn the "hounds" loose in the evening for a fun romp....

    I too find it a bit odd that none of the four can run together... unless they were all the same sex and have had unpleasant interactions either when in season or if males, around bitches in season...

    As a breeder I don't try and socialize mine to accept strange B's in our home, if they are OK with it, fine.. if not..well, it is their house... as that is their territory.... All that said usually Opposite sexes will be ok... but not same sex... related or not... remember unless they see each other all the time.. they really do not remember

  • Home is a dog's "territory" and sometimes they will protect it as such (especially against other dogs)… Possibly the breeder is concerned this would be an issue. Maybe she would consider meeting somewhere "neutral" with you and some of the dogs...

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