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I just switched Ripley from ProPlan to Evo yesterday, and he's had diarrhea last night and all today. I was wondering if that was normal because he had a food switch? And if it is, how long does it normally happen? I put a little plain yogurt in with his meal this morning and it seemed to help some. Is there anything else I can do?

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Ripley is just a little over 5 months and I think he only has one baby tooth left. I just found one on my bed yesterday! 🙂

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Whenever I'm eating crackers, he always has to have one too, even though I know he won't eat it! He's crazy… 🙂

And, I will be in Muncie all summer, and I was just thinking that we should have them play soon! 🙂

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He's growing so fast!

Here he is in his new car seatbelt. He doesn't like it too much.


After he shredded a cracker on my bed but REFUSED to actually eat any of it.

Sleeping again.

He loves to cuddle.

He also loves his rawhide 🙂

His AKC Star Puppy Medal!

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My 5 month old, Ripley, has started having awful gas in the past few weeks. He hasn't had any change of food, but I'm thinking that his food may not be the best quality. I'm giving him 1/2 cup of ProPlan Performance twice a day and a little bit of salmon oil once a day. Any suggestions about what could be causing the problem, or what I should do?

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I recently contacted the breeder where I got Ripley and asked her if there would be a time that I could bring Ripley by and introduce him to the other Basenjis. I thought it would be really fun for him to get to play with some other B's, and I wanted to talk to the breeder about conformation training.

She emailed me back saying that I shouldn't bring him by because the adults probably wouldn't accept him, and that Basenjis can't be together with other adults unless raised by certain pack members. She said she can't run her 4 together.

I just thought that was weird, and I was wondering if it was true/normal?

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I love the sweater!

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Here are a few more good ones of Ripley. I'm going to try to post every couple of weeks so you can see how fast he's growing!

Yesterday, I was eating spaghettio's on my bed. I looked away for 2 seconds and Ripley had jumped INTO the bowl! Not only were there spaghettio's all over my bed, walls, and clothes, but his legs were orange!


Sitting with me on my bed 🙂

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We are in puppy obedience class right now, and I'm definitely going to continue with another class afterwards becaue he is pretty stubborn… haha

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Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures! 🙂

I'm a new owner as well, I just got my Ripley in January. So we'll be going through the same things together 🙂

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