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Have a fantastic Christmas

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thanks Rita Jean i had a read still doesnt really explain why as i have never punished him for peeing inside only a firm no and then taken outside to finish maybe ill ask the vet when we go for a check up next weekend

maybe he is ashamed of going inside and knows it bad so cleans up after himself afterall they are very clean dogs

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I would like to say that Oden is almost house trained as he rarely has any accidents anymore however the other day and this morning when he had an accident I noticed he has started licking his pee.

Can someone explain to me why he is doing this and how i can stop it?

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thankyou for all your well wishes Oden is doing much better but sure gave mummy a fright 🙂

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we finally got out title today so hopefully we will be able to move in, in about 3 weeks i cant wait and oden will finally be able to settle down haha yea right

well oden gave me another fright today because he hadnt gone poos all day so i rang the vet and apparently its a side affect to the needle they gave him to stop vomiting etc and then straight after i got off the phone he went

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i have no idea what could have made him sick we had gone for a walk the night before and he has to always pick everything up in his mouth so it could have been anything maybe yucky poo on a stick im not or it could have been some roast chicken left over from puppy school that i had been using for training im hoping its not that cos then it would be my fault and i dont want to hurt my baby.

yea it was pretty scary although the emails going around now are hilarious one of the harbour bridge with godzilla among the dust trying to destroy the bridge

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well i live in canberra which is about 3 hours from sydney and we got the dust storm the day before sydney got it but it was nowhere near as bad as it was there. it was pretty gross though couldnt see very far in the distance non of the mountains or hills or towers were visable. and our cars looked like it had rained dirt on them. apparently where the duststorm orginated i think it was Alice Springs it just went dark like night time. would have been very scary.
they are expecting more as well… great 😞

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wow our babies look so alike its not even funny!!!

how is she going?

oden has turned into a right little trouble maker

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:(Well yesterday was a horrible my baby was up at 530am vomiting and had the runs. could not get into the vets till 840 and he vomited 10 times within 2 and a half hours. I totally freaked out as there have been people going around throwing meat that has poison on into people backyards and poisoning dogs:mad:. so that was the first thing that went across my mind. the vet diagnossed him with gastro and kept him there for the day to monitor him as he was getting worse and worse:eek:. but after a shot of antibiotics, a needle to stop him vomiting and some bland food he was on the mend and i was able to bring him home. picking him up from the vet i got about 10 baroo's non stop other people in the waiting room were giving me strange looks as they have probably never seen a basenji before let alone heard the noises coming out of him. brought him home and he was as hyporactive as ever acting as if nothing happened:rolleyes:. myself i freaked out and was crying when i got home empty handed leaving my prescious gem at the vets.:o
if only oden would learn that not everything that is on the ground is suppose to go in his mouth but thankgod he is okay and there was no poison involved:)

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yes Saba i want pictures of your little girl

has she barood yet?? Oden has learnt how and greets us when we pick him up from 'doggy day care'

he has also found that he loves sleeping in the bed with us under the covers down at our feet but only when we are watching telly in bed he doesnt sleep with us all night

he is so beautiful i just love giving him big cuddles

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