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My story is a bit sad, but shows the commitment of the breeder. We got Timmy from Brenda Cassell at Signet Kennels.
When Timmy ran out and we couldn't find him, we had to tell Brenda. She had just flown in from a trip and decided that she would make the drive down with a couple other dogs to help find him. Brenda lives in Ft. Worth, we live in San Antonio, it is about a 5 hour drive one-way. Even after we got the bad news that Timmy was struck and killed by a car, she continued her trek to take Timmy's body home. 😞

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This one has been up for a while. I finally took the plunge and inquired about them just a couple days ago. This is the response I got:

"The Black and white girl is the only one I have left at this point.
The guy with the Mother dog bred her to a neighbors male Basenji against his
wife's wishes. When the pups were about 4 1/2 weeks old she threatened to
take the babies to the pound. They were too messy. He called me and I took
them in here. I met the Female she was a brindle and she was definitely a
Basenji. The neighbor with the male kept one of the pups. Never met the male
but was told he was a tri colored male.
Only other Basenji proof I have is that my 3 year old female Basenji adopted
the litter and has been taking care of them since they have been allowed out
with the rest of the dogs. :)"

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Gosh, is he ever gorgeous!

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Thought you might enjoy the antics of the PPPsmooth puppies - I think they are around 4 months here. Sort of shorter basenji looking more long than square -

These are in Texas.

And if you are at a dog show look for the March Sight and Scent - I have a couple of ads in there for my pequeno and one of my bigs.

Hi dmcarty,

I read another post you wrote (this year) about the Portuguese Podengos and became curious as I saw that The Pequenos look a lot like the dog we are fostering. I was just wondering if you think she might be one. She was listed as a Chi/Basenji mix but with the help of the forum, we concluded that she looked corgi….that is until I saw pictures and videos of the podengos. Thanks!

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Sounds like she does have lots of issues, however considering her background (condition you got her in) not a surprise. And as she becomes comfortable you will most likely find other problems….. Not sure this is the best fit....

And we knew when fostering, it would be a possibility. There was expressed interest in an adopter not long after I brought her hope, so however it works out, I don't doubt she will find her home.

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So far all but one family member love her. My youngest, Lee doesn't like her at all, will stay in his room if she's out and about. He doesn't like her long nails, she also has dew claws. I think she may have scratched him accidentally and it totally turned him off. Still deciding whether we are going to adopt, we have found that she is possessive of toys and growls if we try to take them. The hubster and I are working on it and don't allow the kids to play fetch with her unless the object is on the floor and not near her mouth. We discovers she is also food aggressive, another thing we are monitoring and working in. It's only day two and no decisions will be made for a while. She is my little shadow, following everywhere I go, even whining if I leave the room or don't go along on walks. She is a very good listener and is eager to please. She did better than expected in her crate and that's when we confirmed basenji. She whined and barked for about two minutes then the barks turned into full-on yodels which melted my heart. She calmed down after about five minutes and slept all night. She's such a good girl. We found out she has a name, she was in ACS before under different owners and she was called Brittany, which she responds to. She is possessive of me. When my hubby kissed me goodby, she growled and barked at him, but I think she doesn't like is ACU's and boots! We shall see!

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She is not liking the crate and we have a yodeler!

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We are fostering, possibly fostering-to-adopt this cute little lady. Per ACS, her owners passed away and their children surrendered her, did not want to take on the responsibility. They gave VERY little information on her, not even a name, (we are calling her Daisy for now) and she doesn't seem like she got very good care. She is super friendly and very loving, however, she is covered in ticks and fleas, which I just gave her a good shampooing and a dose of frontline. She didn't mind her bath too terribly. Anyhoo…She was listed as a Chihuahua/Basenji mix, but I think she looks Corgi. Thoughts?

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, I used my phone.

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So sorry for your loss. 😞



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Great video! I miss the soft Wisconsin grass!!

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