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I never crated Fred, or any of my dogs so I don’t have any experience...but If you have something that’s working, continue with it.

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My basenji had similar periods, when in puberty... I learned he was eating too much protein. We switched to raw, I have cut his portions and he is eating regulary.
He will eat anything when with other dogs, that doesn’t mean he likes it, he just doesn’t want other dogs to eat it.
Relax, offer him food after walking. Get him tired, come home and give him food. If he doesn’t want it, pick it up.
I prefer raw food, but that doesn’t mean That’s your only option. My problems are gone since on raw. Do your research and find food he likes. Wach for proteins, If you feed kibble, up to 24% of protein is enough.

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It’s just a spot thing 😊 his bowel movement is ok...
He has to pick a spot where no dogs are near, where there is a certain breeze...just kidding. He is picky, nothing else. Thank you 😊

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Wow, I always had the opposite problems. My basenji doesn’t want to do the number two...he has to go, but it takes a while till he finds that special place to do it.
Maybe the food is no good for his digestion? You can try with probiotic to make his bowels healthier. Nusentia has great probiotic for dogs.
It could be parasites, when did you gave him something against parasites?
My dog does number two once, or twice daily - since on barf. I ground pumpkin seeds to clean him of parasites and I give him anti parasitic pill two times a year (He is in the stable a lot around horses and eats horse poo, so twice a year seems ok).
Clean parasites and give him probiotic. You will see the difference in two weeks, if not - go to the vet

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Thanks for the heads up, but the breeder did that. All respectable breeders do that, dont they?

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But you can try adopt on BRAT ( basenji rescue and transport).
Its only few months of waiting...and you can get to know the breed a bit more. Trust me, you will be discovering the breed for years as your pup matures 😊

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My experience is - go to the dog park more often.
Fred had those phases and still has them every spring. He growls and is acting dominant. When we enter in the dog park, first few minutes I am yelling NO! And them he relaxes and start playing.
I would recomend more dog encounters off leash -but Fred is very playful and he is not aggresive, so that works for him. He is not biting, just growling hard.

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Sorry to hear that....and I have to say that I am furious because people dont test their dogs...its not expensive and its once in a lifetime (I know, puppy mills people dont care 😔)...

When Fred had to take pills for his UTI, it was the same, he stopped eating. So i make a powder od of the pills, put some water and into syringe. Opened his mouth, injected it into his mouth and That’s that. After - a treat. And I did it in the way ot wasnt attached with food or walk. After a while, he stopped making tantrums, he just sat and let me do my thing...

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You can read books - Complete basenji and great book about breed standard Basenji stacked and moving.
Go show your dog, get to know the breeding world.. than you will see If you want to be a part of it.
Health and temperament are a must...

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To the vet...and let us know how is your puppy doing

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