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The dogs are a pack. Playing with a cat can soon become something more. I would never leave them alone. If a cat starts running, they will chase it and will try a little bite (looks like play, but I wouldn’t bet on it). Take good care. I have one and a cat that was adult when the dog came and still the dog is sometimes ruff

posted in Basenji Health Issues & Questions read more, I am no vet, but a friend had some similar issues with her dog, and the dog had portosystemic shunt. This is a lucky guess, you need to listen to your vet or get a second vetenerian opinion.
But I agree with you, you have to be careful not to put her under some treatment that is uncomfortable to her, or more aggresive than the disease.
I hope you will come to the bottom of this, and If She is ok and functional, try some natural remedies too (it can’t hurt).

Sending you get well wishes 🦄😍

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@tanza LOL, I meant I dont know If she wants a show dog, a dog for breeding... 😊

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There are a lot breeders in Europe, you can start with web page, there is a list of breeders (you can search by breed).
If you still can not decide, I can help, Depends on what kind of dog you are looking for.

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Sorry to hear that, but She needs time to adjust and crating is not helping.
I never crated my dogs and they never distroyed anything.
My advise is to work with her more, obedience, longer She doesn’t feel neglected and let her find her own safe place.

I wouldn’t give her medications, just time.

Close those rooms with fancy furniture and leave her somewhere your smell is, bedroom maybe?

Panting and saliva pools means a lot of stress, so get her out of the crate If she is not used to it, dont give her prozac.

You need time, mental and phisical stimulations and lots of love

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If it happened only twice and never again, don’t be alarmed. Maybe he ate something that upset his tummy (beside his meals).
Does he has a reflux and swallows his saliva often?
If not, monitor his behaviour, divide his meals in small portions and give them more often...

Oh, and add water to his meals, specially If he eats dry food because they are known as poor drinkers.

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Once a year, during warm months.. Wet dog wipes are enough most of the time. Mine hates bath time...screams in the tub

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Oh, and Shahrans kennel...
Do your research, you can start with a link:

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There are many... like those said,
Kingwanas kennel,
Doberguard basenji kennel,
Barkless basenji kennel (they have puppies now - spring puppies)
Hi-Lite basenji kennel ( I think that one is in Finland)

Hoped I helped...

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I never crated Fred, or any of my dogs so I don’t have any experience...but If you have something that’s working, continue with it.

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