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Hi it's Maya's dad
I know we have quite a few of the members that are involved with Basenji Rescue, so just thought I would pass this on and give this brindle a chance to find a good home(got my second Basenji about 3 months ago or else would of adopted him myself) there's a brindle on Kijiji in London Ontario that needs re-homing follow link below:

Thanks for reading

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Has anybody seen an Ethiopian Wolf and how similar in looks and traits they are to Basenji's? I was watching a Kratts brothers animal show and couldn't help but notice the character, hunting traits and a similar resemblance that they have to Basenji's. I have attached some pics and a video link, you be the judge.


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In the pet stores here in Canada (some trainers have it as well) there is a cream that is like an invisible boot. Although our dogs don't like the snow, my main concern is the salt and what it does to their feet. Check with your local pet stores and see if they carry something similar. Basically you put this all natural cream on their paws and wipe them when they come back in.

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As far as diapers go, my breeder recommended this, as basenjis are quick to tear them off and the cost can add up.
Buy the smallest size boy's toddler underpants you can find. Cut a hole for the tail. Put a pantyliner in. I bought a 5 pack last year, and since you can custom cut the hole, it stays on a little better. I got the 2T size & had to safety pin it so it wouldn't fall off of Callie, but it was $3 for 5 & well worth it.

Thanks so much. I had another friend recommend this as well. Maya still tried to chew them, but it's much easier on the pocket book : )

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Thanks. One more week then : )

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Not sure if I posted this under the right heading, but this seemed the closest. Maya is currently "in heat". As of Friday, it will have been 3 weeks. How long do they stay in heat? We want to have her fixed but I can't remember how long it lasts. So far I've some up with 21 days for most breeds, but I know Basenji's can be different. She's chewed through 2 diapers now and I can't wait for it to be over.

Thanks for your info.


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Do you still have the male basenji's? We have been looking for a male, do you have any more pics and info on these boys such as weight and traits that they have?


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I'm not sure if you found a male, but BRAT has two males available in Ontario.

Thank you. Just saw the latest dog post.

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Don't worry anyone,Dogs are coming home to me here at Jaroufa Hounds.
Richard always knew that he could bring dogs back and his son finally found me.
Anubis and Anuket will stay with me until a home is found or I will keep them .


Are they still available? How old are they? We presently have a 20 month old r/w well behaved basenji that we are thinking about getting a playmate for. Brindle is prefered but will consider another r/w or Tri from as young as a puppy to 2 years old male.
Thank you

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I have a 5 y/o brindle Basenji male for sale. He is AKC, very sweet, doesn't cause any trouble, GREAT with little kids and is a beautiful dog. 918.917.0377
Can email or text pics upon request.

Has he been tested for Falconi? Where are you located, does he get along with other dogs and would love to see pics please.

Thank you

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