My dog is so dumb- My dog is so smart

  • My dog is so dumb that she ran into a parked car and bounced off the bumper

    Not paying attention again!

    What did your dog do?

  • Our dogs seem to be able to understand too much of what we say.

    We spend far too much time S P E L L I N G things out in front of them.

  • ha ha, me too! Caesar always perks up when I say P-A-R-K to my boyfriend when we are planning our day!

  • OOOOOH Fun:

    My dog is so dumb I pointed and shouted 'Squirrel" - he thought I said twirl and started to spin chasing his tail.

  • If I say SQUIRREL anywhere around Hollie she is On Guard looking/hunting for that squirrel. We cannot say the "s" word around her, she is obsessed with hunting.

  • My dog is so dumb that when I ask him what he did while he is tearing open the package of treats he stole off the table he completely ignores me. Oh wait, or is that just being a smart basenji thinking "If I don't respond, maybe she won't notice." 🙂

  • My dog is so dumb he falls for the same trick again & again.

    Our female, when she wants whatever our male dog has, she goes to the door/window, going wild, acting like a rodent is outside. We open the door and the male goes flying out and the female just stands there for second, kind of laughing, then goes to take his spot, toy or human.

    He falls for it everytime. Stupid dog!

  • My dog is so dumb I pointed and shouted 'Squirrel" - he thought I said twirl and started to spin chasing his tail.

    Oh no you didnt! LOL

  • Our dogs are so smart they have figured out how to open most inside doors (lever handles) and our sliding glass door at will. Nothing like being in the bathroom with the dog opening the door on you (you learn to lock the door real quick, although our male bullied his way in with the door locked once)

    If the screen is shut they open that too. If unless a squirrel is in sight, then our male runs full force, lowering his head like a billy goat, blowing the screen door right off it's tracks.

  • My B is so smart that it took her two times to stop me from pulling a treat back from her to get her to do something before getting it. She now puts her left paw up on my hand to hold it in place…She is also so dumb that when I say thers's the kitty and I point to it she runs in the opposite direction, but to be fair she does have cataracts just starting...

  • Jack hides or "buries" a bread treat (he loves bread) in the corners of the couch cushion. First he runs around whining with it in his mouth then i say, " OK Jack, u can bury it in the couch" so he'll jump up and put it in a corner and then swipe his nose over and over along the cushion not really doing anything to the piece or bread (LOL) until he is satisfied and then maybe walk around the room once and come and "find" it. and THEN take it to his carpet spot to eat it. ITS SO FUNNY. and of course, if my husband or I look at Jack while he is hiding or finding it, He just stares at us until we look away, (he doesn't want us to know where it is, LOL) The funniest part is, yesterday, I was sitting on the couch and he hid it behind my bottom, LOL I couldn't move or watch him, LOL. he would get SO upset if he knew that i knew it was behind me, lol!! silly Jackers!

  • Abby does the same thing jack does with her bones, she hides them in the couch corners and buries them with her nose. when i read that it was like watching her do it. too funny. Abby is very smart, she does not like to be put in her kennel so when my husband and son get ready for work she goes to the door and scratches to go out and they (like dummies) let her out then they can't catch her cause she is too fast. LOL!

  • We give our dogs each a rawhiode bone to chew on, why I'm not sure. after one dog gets the bone real soft the goes crazy at the window like a squirrel or something is outside the dog leaves her bone & of coarse the other dog runs back to steal her bone.

  • Hollie will hide her treats and her dog food. Her favorite hiding place is under MY pillow in the bed. She has tried to hide her entire food bowl by pushing one of her plush toys with her nose in an attempt to get the toy on top of her food bowl. Why doesn't she just use her mouth to pick it up and place it on the bowl? Silly dog!

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