Does your dog do this?

Abby will dig in the back yard but she doesn't just dig she kind of stands on her head and digs! It's actually quite funny to watch!:D She does it when she digs in the house too! the other question I have is all of a sudden this year her tail has bushed out like a fox tail, are all B's tails like this?

Mine has always been the kind that "dig" on their heads…ggg but usually only in the house in their beds.... sometimes.. and this was a clue to Kristii's corn/oat allergy... that after eating she would run and dig like crazy.. standing on her head....

And as far as her tail... how old is she? Depends on the breeding... some will bush out like a fox as they age... especially after being spayed/neutered... they seem to grow a longer/harder under coat...

My Kristii on the other hand... has always since birth been our "hairless" girl... she never has much hair even when blowing coat... she will get blond hairs behind her ears but that is about it.. and never an undercoat....

Brando always digs on his head on the couch or on my bed…but usually that is his invitation to play to both Aaliyah and Ruby.


Brando always digs on his head on the couch or on my bed…but usually that is his invitation to play to both Aaliyah and Ruby.

Ditto. Nakura pops her head down and dig dig digs on the floor, sofa, bed. Sometimes she loses her balance and almost does a somersault! 🙂 Her son, Trouper does the same but Chance and Benji don't do it as often. It is really funny to watch. 😃

A digging session usually ends up in a B500!!! 😃

Gossy does the head thing - but only in the house in her blankets. And yes she can get so enthusiastic about it that she nearly topples over!

Tanza-Abby will be 3 on June 20th and she was just spayed about 6 months ago! We just noticed this spring when she blew her coat that her tail never went back down, it just stayed fluffy. It's fine that way I just didn't know if it was supposed to be that way or if it would go back.

the other thing she does when she is digging in the yard is I think she is digging for grubs! Yuk! She will dig for a while then she will bite the dirt and come up with a mouth full of grass and dirt and it's gross! 😞

Jaycee digs same way but she does somersaults head down over she gos first time neighbor saw it they could not beleive it. I think neighbor came over every day for a week waiting to see it again and Jaycee would do it. Yes I very much second that digging usually will cause the great B-500.

Rita Jean

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