Dog Charm

What the heck is a Ben Senji? 😃 :eek:

hello it's a bensenji….not a basenji did u see that picture it looks more like a a good replica of these beautiful babies

I'm sorry, I think it's awful IMO.


I'm sorry, I think it's awful IMO.

I don't know??? It's the first Bensenji charm I've ever seen…....maybe there's better out there.........:D 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

ears and tail are sure basenjis the rest :eek: , but the charm made me laugh a lot. 😃

it looks a little like a calf?

Yes the rest of the body seems on poit but what is up with the face it looks a bit distorted

Yes, Bboy-there are better ones out there. I've seen a few really good pieces. If you ever get to the Nationals, there is usually a woman there who does some good ones.

IMO is awful! No Basenji face looks like that. Basenjis are cute and adorable!
Reminds me of the Maytag commercial where the Maytag man does something and messes up the batch of stuffed animals…I think Mr. Maytag was involved with this charm too! 🙂

There are a number of charms sold on ebay….

just me, but i definatly wouldnt pay 30 dollars for that! lol

i bought my wife a nice basenji charm several years ago. It was pretty nice. I had to order it as most dog places/stores/gifts (unless at a dog show) do not carry basenji stuff.

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