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Oh, that's great. Good to know the pups will be looked after by a family member. Where does your cousin live? It might be that there are other breeders nearby who would like to visit the pups and help your cousin. Is your cousin experienced with Basenjis? What will happen to the pups if they are not sold? Will your cousin keep them him/herself?

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Why are the puppies coming to the UK to be sold? Who is bringing the litter here? And, who will be looking after them until they are sold? There are already more puppies than potential owners in the UK.

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Hi Kiwir
I'm sure Mary at Equafleece would send stuff out pretty quick. I always buy mine at shows so not too sure about postal times. Give them an email and ask. My dogs have at least 4 of these jumpers each in all sorts of styles and colours. I wouldn't buy any other jumpers for them 🙂
I should say I also have a jumper chewer. He hates having 'legs' so I just make sure I get him the jumpers without legs on.

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Most Basenjis are born in Nov and Dec and I think all female Basenji pups from last years litters have been accounted for. You could try emailing the secretaries from the UK breed clubs as they usually have a list of litters and can help to match up potential owners. Make sure you do your homework on the breed and the breeders and try to visit a breeder or two so you can spend some time with Basenjis before you make a final decision. Basenjis are not like most breeds of dogs and can be a challenge. Good luck with your search.

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LOL we call them 'Furry Knickers' 😃

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Mine have always only taken 6 - 7 days to arrive in the UK. The last lot I received and sent back went missing somewhere in the Atlantic so a new kit was sent out. That took 6 days to arrive also but this time I have paid for the postal tracking service. Two weeks sounds a long time especially within the USA.

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I too have a dog who cannot tolerate crates. It does make some aspects of life difficult for us since we are a multi-dog household but we have found other ways around it. Trouper prefers to sleep on the sofa at night so that is just fine, we can trust him not to chew etc. My other dogs are all perfectly happy in their crates and I am working on training my pups who are now 9 wks old. There is a DVD called Crate Games you can get. I believe you can also see some of this DVD on Youtube.
Good luck with your pup.

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Fabulous piccies. I just love the Pods and recently attended a seminar in the UK run by Carla Molinari. My friend has a Pequeno which I sometimes show for her. One day we'd like to import a Grande (or maybe Medio) from Portugal although only the Pequeno is recognised in the UK.

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I am sorry to hear about your friend's trouble, but like you said yourself, potential puppy owners will be thoroughly vetted. And as you have emailed me looking for info about my pups, I too have thoroughly checked you out. All my puppies leave here with all endorsements so I am afraid that rules me out too.
I wish you luck in your search for a Basenji pup.

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