4 month check up for the Beanie Babies

Tempest and Gambit went in for their rabies shots and microchips yesterday. Tempest is 14 lbs and Gambit 14.9. Both girls are growing like little weeds. This weekend they get to go to their first NOTRA meet and watch Trog race.

They both are looking absolutely splendid!

Thank you, they are both growing up well porportioned, have not hit a gangly stage yet. Xander never did, maybe they will not either.


Gorgeous young ladies..awesome pictures.

Good Luck Trog!!

Wow! They look spectacular. I am really becoming fond of TRI's, gonna have to add one to our pack. Which one is which?

Tempest is the Red and Gambit is the Tri. Tris are my favorite.

Gorgeous pups Lisa, look forward to seeing more as they grow up!

So cute!!!! Love how the tri girl has big paws!!!!!

The better for climbing.

Me too… Tris are my favorite.. they are so Wicked... but in a good/fun way

Truly lovely! I hope you new puppy people realize that your pics are both tormenting (cause I want one) and delights. Such fun to watch them grow. 🙂

Tempest and Gambit are growing into lovely dogs

Beautiful puppies you have 🙂
and such pretty poses

Lisa is cruel, I have always resisted the idea of getting a pup, but seeing Gambit, and now Tempest, has actually made me want one (OMG, did I just say that out loud?).

Her photos don't show ankle-scars from those wicked teeth, or piddles in the floor…....just the cute, funny, darling things those cute girls are doing!

Only my two tris have used me for teething. My toes were never safe from Trog. They are not bad on puddles but I have to be 100% sure they are empty when I crate them or I come home to brindles

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