• Blaze will be four months old tomorrow. We've been visiting my mother who has a large back yard and has been having a ball running around and playing!

    This morning, he weighs 19.5 pounds. I guess that's large based on what others have said, but he has a waist and I can feel his ribs…he certainly doesn't look overweight to me.

    Here are some pictures we took this morning:

  • From the pictures, his size is about normal…. I would say that he could be a bit overweight, but he is only 4 months and much can be "baby fat". I don't really see a waist, but then at this age, they rarely have one being a puppy... just like they have no tuckup under the belly because the ribs have not dropped.

  • @tanza:

    I don't really see a waist

    The waist I was referring to is viewed from above, which doesn't show in the pictures. He doesn't have much of a tuck up.

    I have cut back on his food. He was getting 1/2 cup of kibble 3 times a day…he's now getting a slightly rounded 1/2 cup 2 times a day (plus about a tablespoon of canned food with each meal).

  • I don't worry about weight too much at this age… unless grossly overweight which he is not.... once they pass 6 to 7 months you get more of an idea of body type, type of easy or hard keeper (as far as gaining or keep weight on).

  • Thanks for the reassurance, Pat.

    The breeder told me he should weigh around 14 - 15 pounds at 16 weeks, but he weighed 14 pounds at 3 months old and hasn't really changed in looks as far as proportions go to his height, which is currently about 15.5". The breeder thought he might be on the small side, but based on his height and his weight at 4 months, I'm not sure he will be.

    We will, of course, continue to monitor his weight both by looks and by weighing him.

  • It is really difficult to judge at this age.. they all grow different and at different rates. I remember my Mickii's litter brother, he was huge for a 5 month old… but then he just stopped, while he was more to the bigger side, he was not over sized... so he still may just stop growing...ggg. Typical Basenji... keep you guessing. Best way to monitor weight is by appearance, IMO.

    For example, my girls are about 22lbs, based on their size, they (if you read the books) would be expected to be more like 20 to 21lbs. But they are both solid muscle from running 24/7 with each other... so while they seem if you went to pick them up they should be light weights, they fool you cause they are heavy!.... And Franie, I wish would carry more weight for the show ring.

  • They're lovely pictures. He certainly doesn't look overweight - just right I would say. I hate to see puppies that aren't well covered at this age and am more worried if they look too much like little adults.

  • Houston

    oh he is growing up so nicely…

  • I think he looks great and I think you are being very diligent with making sure you have a healthy puppy - good for you.

    My Kipawa is almost 7 months. The last weight I had on him was 24 lbs. I can barely see his ribs when he is standing, and I can feel them when I run my hands down his side. We are now feeding him 3/4 cup of Taste Of The Wild kibble (dropped down from a cup), twice a day. In addition, he gets some high quality snacks as a part of training. He gets lots of exercise during the day - fast running in one of the off leash parks in our area and a mile long structured walk as well.

  • I think he looks great. A little bit of extra in a growing dog is not a terrible thing unless he keeps putting it on of course. My girl, who is very trim no matter how I try to feed her, actually went up to 22.8 when she was coming up to a year, and has settled back to 20.2 more or less. Shaye has kept that weight since, going an ounce or two up or down from time to time. She is now 2 1/2. So, I believe their weight fluctuates while they are growing, just like people. My kids used to fill out a bit before shooting up a bit so maybe that's what he's doing.

  • Blaze is a BEAUTIFUL boy. Newsom, my pup will be 4 months on the 27th. It's a VERY excited time, eh? Newsom only weighs 15lbs, but he's a little guy. Blaze doesn't look grossly overweight or anything so I wouldn't worry yet.

    Here's to the fun times! He's a handsome boy!

    Andrew, Shango & Newsom

  • Love that face 🙂

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