Ayo at 4 months

Here are a couple of pictures of Ayo, now four months old.!!

Cute little boy :).

Great shots of Ayo!

Thanks a lot, he is really something. Its the first time that I have a Basenji and I like him more every day.. They are very diferent from other dogs!!! At first , he was a little . aloof, I guess, somewhat indifferent and that felt kind of weird. But now we have totally bonded and its awesome!!

Ayo has such a lovable looking face! Thanks for the update.

Very sweet looking. All ears, I love that. 🙂


Sweetness. So cute.

Love your pictures - he is such a cutie! They are indeed unlike other dogs, and the differences become clearer with time.

Ayo is growing into a handsome Basenji, he looks so serious on the second pic 😉

Thanks, yes he was curious about the camera..

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