• Just thought I'd share these pics of Ayo at my sisters' houses. Both my sisters live next door to each other. and these are their dogs Tulsa and Negra…

  • They look like a happy little pack together 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  • Looks like they're all having a great ol' time playing together! 😃

  • Ayo looks as though he's in charge! Lovely pictures.

  • Thanks , yes he is always in charge, the girls got tired after a while and wanted to rest and Ayo kept wanting to run around all day!! He had a great time, he doesnt get to run around too often so its great to be able to take him there every once in a while!! One of my sisters dogs, the one with the black mouth , Negra, was a dog I rescued around my house. She just came up to me and i couldnt leave her, I asked around , but there are so many stray dogs, nobody wanted her, so I took her to the vet and gave her all her shots, and luckily my sister said she wanted her so now she has a happy home, and my sister loves her!

  • Great pictures and what a beautiful story about Negra…

  • Thanks,.. yeah, .. you know I see so many dogs on the street everyday, you really just get used to it and you learn to look away, cause you cant help them all, but that day she came up to me and I tried to rationalize leaving her and just couldnt!! Im glad I didnt!!…...
    Doesnt she look Happy???

  • Lovely pics of Ayo with his two cousins 😉
    Great to hear Negra has found such a good home.
    Thankfuly in the UK we don't get many stray Dogs wandering.

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