Eesha's new baby brother & sister…

  • @tanza:

    Are you going to have them DNA tested for Fanconi? Looks like the sire and dam have not been tested.

    Jess: I hear that about two from the same litter, I will not place same sex littermates, and try not to do brothers/sisters but that usually will work out OK. Of course the chances of an "opps" breeding hangs in the balance

    I just prefer them to have individual attention and training and i've heard horror stories about litter mates, especially with inexperienced owners. I think you have to be really experienced and have lots of time on your hands to take on two babies, for me it wouldnt be worth the risk for the pups future, we tend to have enough people wanting pups to be able to turn unsuitable homes away. But, thats just my opinion, i would never presume to tell others how to home their pups, no matter how much it surprises me 😃 Im sure these guys will be fine though… The lack of fanconi testing is probably more of a concern :eek:

  • Welcome back. Lots of good suggestions above. I will add please make sure each puppy learns to be left alone. Not enough folks teach the dogs that they can be by themselves and nothing bad will happen. It just keeps dogs from seperation anx if you train this early.
    I did so enjoy the photos. Hope there are more coming.

  • Yes, Jess I agree about the Fanconi testing…

  • Very cute puppies:D

    Please have them tested for Fanconi. Did you ever get your bitch tested?

  • Welcome back to the forum. Congrats on your new pups, they look very cute. That first pic of the two of them is just priceless 🙂 Please listen to the advice given above about the Fanconi testing. And good luck with raising two!!

  • Hi, welcome back, i think you were the one with the great vid of Eesha in the bath ?
    Your babies are beautiful, hope you get time to post more pics 😉
    We have just got an 11 week old Pup and my is she hard work 😃

  • Katty23 - good to hear that you're back.

    I hope that you'll manage the three especially now you've got a boy as well! Good to have more news of Eesha, did you manage to get her registered?

    I notice that the puppies are related to Eesha. You certainly had a long journey to get them!!

    I hope we'll see lots of pictures (if you've got time)!!!!!!!!! Perhaps one with all three in the bath!!!!!

  • Hi Katty. The brindle babies are gorgeous. I've looked at their pedigree and your babies have the same grandsire as my new baby. 🙂

    I'm sure Eesha was related to my dogs also. Maybe we can be related through our dogs?? 😃

  • They're nice looking pups.

    I'd just like to confirm what the previous posters have said about Fanconi testing. The parents have not been tested, and the sire's litter sister is a carrier.
    I did advise this breeder to have her pups tested before they were homed, and gave her all the information to do so, which clearly fell on deaf ears. I abandoned my own breeding plans this spring as my bitch's DNA results had not come in, even though I expected her to be clear as she is from a clear/clear breeding. (and yes, she and her cousin are both clear).

    Two the same age will be hard work. Try to make sure that they don't become too dependent on each other to relate properly to you.

  • Houston

    Hi and welcome back.
    Of course we remember Eesha in the tub, great videos.
    Your new additions looks so are in for a ride..jepp, no TV for you..

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