And here is Kipawa's new girlfriend

  • All the lawyers have signed off. We can now show you Kipawa's new girlfriend.


  • LOL!

    Fran, you have to tell the story behind the picture…inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  • What a stud, so did he put a ring on it?

  • hahahaha GREAT!

  • @Therese:

    What a stud, so did he put a ring on it?

    ROFL! Too funny!

  • Wow! He really has something going there - all the girl B's are jealous as in "what has she got that I don't have?!?"

  • She's got NOTHING on those B girls!

  • Well, Kipawa has only met one b girl to this date. He found out she was his cousin, so even though he felt she was kind of cute, he knew she was 'off limits'.

    Then, one day when he opened his email, he found a note from Beyonce. There was an attachment to the email. She had found a picture of him (I think via this forum), and the next thing you know - she is telling the world that she is leaving Jay Z for a younger 'man'.

    Therese, you asked if he 'put a ring on it'. Since Kipawa's allowance is small, he will have to save for many years for a ring. He is, however, designing a pendant out of a dog bone snack for her.

    Last night before bed, he looked up at me and said "oh Mom, so many women, so little time. It's hard being so charming, handsome and studly".

    What's a mother to do.

  • Beyonce obviously has very good taste but she'll obviously have to fight off some rivals for his affections.

  • Yes, Wheat says she can take this Rock star on!

  • Okay wth is going on? Please explain what the pic is about! ROFLMAO at Kipawa. If I meet him, going to rat you out that cousins are NOT off limits. Going to explain though that no matter how distant, mean old mom is going to decide if he ever gets to do more than longingly look and baroo.

  • Debra - what this is about? Mostly Kipawa's mom's twisted sense of humour. 🙂 But if you want to think otherwise, this was Beyonce at a press conference letting all the celebrity journalists and paparazzi know who her 'new man' was. 😉

    p.s. Just to confirm, Kipawa's mother (human) does not drink. Of course, I can't speak for Karma… Therese?

  • LOL, okay I thought maybe Kipawa had gotten some advertising job, lol.

  • LOLOLOL…that's funny!

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