• Benny has been with us for about three and a half months now and has gotten pretty comfortable here. He has decided we needed to make some changes and he would be more than happy to help.

    We replaced our living room furniture after he decided that the chewing the previous animals had done on the couch was not good enough and he had to expand upon that. The good news is he doesn't chew the coushions any longer…. However, that doesn't exclude the handle for the recliner.

    He has also decided that he doesn't like Indiana University......He must be a Purdue or Notre Dame fan, we haven't figured that out yet.

    He decided that the cable and phone lines coming into the house were in the wrong location and decided to help me move it. Real considerate of him.

    Of course, Benny still enjoys his pearch on the back of the new couch.

    He has decided that my son, who was home on leave from the US Navy was a good play toy.

  • Houston

    Haha..well I would be willing to bet he would love to help redecorate..they all seem to want to have a hand in that..
    Great pictures..

  • Benny is keeping up with some of the Basenji traditions!!! Great photos!

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