New Pic's Of Sandie…

These are a update from last pic's to now… even when her ears went flop and i freaked out :eek: ...

Ill add more in a few weeks she grown since these even … :eek:

She's sure giving you the eye! Very cute.

Ooooh, I LOVE the "flop" picture! She's beautiful!

She's a sweetie. Mine doesn't like her baths either. Tries to run and hide… but mommy always finds her. I'm just glad they do eventually forgive us. Treats help!!!

Basenji Mix

Dear Sunny,

I think your dog Sunny is very cute!🆒 I like her big brown eyes.;) I wonder if she could come to visit one day. Is Sunny her real name?😕 She has the cleanest ears I've ever seen.:D

Your friend,
Duke's brother,


cute pup! must be a lot of work holding them ears up?
thanks for giving me a smile this morn

No Jill Im Sunny… Is real name tho 🙂 ...Sandie is the barooooo !!!! (giggles).. :p

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