Manah's New Coat

Manah's custom made winter coat from Voyagers K9 Apparel. If you're looking for warmth, this coat rocks!

I like that coat, pink and grey looks great on her beautiful black coat πŸ†’:).

Like the shoes. How'd you get her to wear them?

btw: That expression on her face makes her look worried you're going to put something else on her…. πŸ˜ƒ

Great looking coat, she looks ready to go for a nice walk in Minnesota "winter wonderland" where I'm guessing you need warm coats and boots.

Pretty girl.

She is sooo pretty in pink!! Is she a black and white? My Abbey is B&W and red or pink look pretty on her. Haven't been brave enough to try shoes but after 2 weeks of nearly zero temps and snow here in Alabama of all places, she might agree to try them.


She looks great in her new get up..coat and booties..

Thanks! Her coat is actually bright red to match her Ruffwear boots. She's has such a great temperament, that the boots don't seem to bother her too much. Plus I think she realizes she would burn her paws from the cold without them on (it was below zero all last week).She's a little black and white girl from Khani's Basenjis. Her sister Amy just had some pups so I'm getting Manah's niece next month to be her dog companion; can't wait!

That is a great coat and booties set! Especially I like the fact that the part going around her neck is a softer material, and will keep her warm. The colors are really nice on her as well. Keep warm, Manah! Our Florida puppies would freeze up there in Minn.

Yeah, it's great. It even covers her big ears, if needed! πŸ™‚

Manah looks great in her "clothes"! (And I'm looking forward to the puppy-pics πŸ˜‰ )

Which size are her boots?
I tried them on Zuri over a year ago and now want to buy them probably.

Manah looks great in her coat and boots!

I've been thinking about getting boots for AJ. We go to some very cold places sometimes and I can tell the cold burns his feet sometimes. I think if he wears them a time or two in those areas he will understand they keep him from being hurt. Not that I mind carrying him back to the truck after he does his job. I just feel awful for him when he picks his feet up like they hurt.

Manah has beautiful wrinkles.

Manah looks great in her coat, wonder what she makes of her neice

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