Hello from Oregon - my Brindle Zaki and his sister Skye

Couple of my new friend - Zaki. He will come to live with us on Friday, can't wait. The second one is with he and his sister after a hard day of playing. Enjoy


0_1583877608646_Zaki & Skye.JPG

Both Zaki and his sister Skye are so CUTE! Congratulations on your new baby! Zaki is a handsome Brindle! 🐾🐕

So handsome! Thanks for posting.

Great looking pair.....there is a lot of fun in your future!!

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! Zaki and Skye, so very beautiful. Best, Paul

They are absolutely adorable and so cute. Nice that you two so they can entertain each other.

OMG.......Zaki is so stinkin' CUTE!!! I love the brindles. Would love to see Skye's face. Have fun with them. They grow up so fast.

So cute...makes me want another. Congrats and have fun!

@dee-morris Well the breeder had several and I just want all of them to come home with me. They are such affectionate little things.

He is SO beautiful! You two are going to have SO much fun together! Congratulations!

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