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My husband and I are new parents of male Basenji pup Keegan, born 1/3/19.

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I took my boy into the vet as there were small bumps on inside of tips of his ears that didn't seem to be bothering him but I couldn't explain. Vet thought it was bug bites, maybe from ants. We live up in the mountains with open land and free roam around our property, It also can be quite dusty running around the land up here so I noted his coat not as shiny. You know how clean they like to be! Anyway my vet recommended Skin So Soft bath oil which comes with a pump spray. He said much better for him than any kind of over the counter bug spray and it seems to keep bugs off. You don't need much, smells good and keeps his coat shiny. You may want to try it.

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Hi Daureen:

We have a year and a half old boy, and I know how difficult it was for us when it came to the decision of neutering him. We ended up doing it at 10 months, as we did not want to breed or show. Our vet advised that there was no hurry, that we would know when it was time. I think everyone has different circumstances that go into the decision. With our Keegan he was such a social dog from the get go and absolutely loves to play and run with all kinds of breeds. Out of the blue he started growling and acting out with some dogs, which was not normal for him. He is a pretty tough little guy, but we started worrying he may get hurt because of his behavior and felt neutering him would help this and it did. We also live on land and he is off leash (I am hearing gasps as this is read). Yes we have a Basenji that loves to run free, and we did some careful and consistent eCollar training so he knows his boundaries. During this time of deciding whether to neuter he started running off and we had to chain him, so this also went into the decision and has helped this behavior. Anyway, just a little background on what went into our decision, and I know everyone's circumstances are different. Our vet offered us a Dog Onesie and it was so much better than the cone. It worked very well, but I did have to cut a tail hole and make a couple hand stitches in the back leg holes to make them a little smaller. When it was time to go out and potty, just unsnap, roll up and there was a little snap there to hold it out of the way. Praying the surgery goes well for your sweet pup.

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So cute...makes me want another. Congrats and have fun!

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She is so cute! I remember when my Keegan was so little, just a year ago. Get ready for the fun and enjoy your girl!

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So handsome! I love the beautiful brindle coat and markings!

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Beautiful boy! He has such a sweet puppy face still. My Keegan is 4 months and growing so fast. I'm hoping he will have his sweet puppy face at 2.5 yrs.

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Shango is a very cool boy! Love these pictures. Our son had a Basenji girl Sunny that lived with us for a short time and we fell in love. That's why two years after losing our old Beagle boy we decided on a B pup (after much research and feeling like we knew what we were getting into.) His name is Keegan and he's a little over 3 months. I think every Basenji owner must feel like they have the cutest, smartest dog "in the world." We know we are up for an adventure, but we are ready. Have fun with Shango!

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