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My husband and I are new parents of male Basenji pup Keegan, born 1/3/19.

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So cute...makes me want another. Congrats and have fun!

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She is so cute! I remember when my Keegan was so little, just a year ago. Get ready for the fun and enjoy your girl!

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So handsome! I love the beautiful brindle coat and markings!

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Beautiful boy! He has such a sweet puppy face still. My Keegan is 4 months and growing so fast. I'm hoping he will have his sweet puppy face at 2.5 yrs.

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Shango is a very cool boy! Love these pictures. Our son had a Basenji girl Sunny that lived with us for a short time and we fell in love. That's why two years after losing our old Beagle boy we decided on a B pup (after much research and feeling like we knew what we were getting into.) His name is Keegan and he's a little over 3 months. I think every Basenji owner must feel like they have the cutest, smartest dog "in the world." We know we are up for an adventure, but we are ready. Have fun with Shango!

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