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If he drives you crazy and up the wall but you still love and adore him, can't do without him then you know he is a Basenji.....just a look into his eyes tells me there is Basenji in him.....have fun with him.

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My Sarge has a strange thing he does before he curls up between us....he has to sniff my wife's breath ….I guess it's some kind of Basenji DNA testing to make sure it's her....

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He just hasn't heard that he is not suppose to like water, don't get him around other B's they'll spoil it and tell him!! Mine hates water with a passion with a capital "P".

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Beautiful...……… those Basenji ears!!!

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The ears and the sitting posture looks like a Basenji....but the eyes don't seem to have that intense stare that says "I'm the boss, you just don't know it yet..." So cute give her a hug for me.

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So cute.....reminds me of the day I brought my Sarge home.....he's 3 years old now.....seems like yesterday. Enjoy the ride!!

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Maybe I'm partial but Basenjis are one of the most best looking dogs you'll see....Gareth is a good example of that!!

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If that is not a Basenji stare with those eyes, I don't know what is....not to mention those long slim legs. A pretty girl!

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I tired the crate and getting rid of it was the best move I things are peaceful....Sarge hated the crate. He clawed, chewed, ripped up his bedding, etc. etc. One night after hearing this go on and on I let him out and he jumped on the bed, snuggled up and it has been more calm and enjoyable. I can leave him loose in the house when I am gone and he does fine. He is a wonderful dog...a true Basenji with his crazy ways but very happy and well adjusted. One thing I have learned over 3 years is that what works with one Basenji doesn't necessarily work with every Basenji. You have to adapt to what works best for your dog and your living situation. Trial and error has gotten me to a place where we have a very enjoyable time with our Sarge.

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