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Yes I agree. I like them as well thank you for finding this site.

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It is going to get cold soon and I am wondering what brand of sweater is best for our B's? I have used gooby fleece but they are too big around the middle to get them long enough to cover the back.

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Very cute. I think the one on the bottom is like can you believe this?
Thanks for sharing.

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Oh my gosh, too cute. Take lots of pictures to capture the little puppy as they grow so fast. Enjoy him

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He is so cute. I bet he's thinking let's go again.

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Way cute. Take lots of pictures they grow very fast.

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They are absolutely adorable and so cute. Nice that you two so they can entertain each other.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. He gets at least one 45 plus minute walk a day. We also run with him outside several times a day in our backyard. We have a long straight away in our house that we throw toys down and he loves to run and get them. I dont think he is bored we play with him quite a bit. He does get a reaction from us when he hits because it hurts. I did distract him today when he came towards me and that worked. Now I have to get all 5 of us in the house to do it as well.

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Our boy just turned 1 last month and is playing with his birthday duck. The past couple of months he has taken to biting our feet. It does not matter if you have on shoes, socks or barefoot, it is all game for him. How can we break him of this horrible habit. He does it while we are sitting watching TV or when we come into the house or just walking around.
Reg name = Khani's Teazer Endlessly Jealous ack# HP569187/070_1579219919042_Korben duck.jpeg

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We got our wonderful basenji who just turned 1 in Dec from Khanis basenjis in SE Portland. She does allow you to go visit and see the dogs and ask any questions. Last year we got to play with about 15 puppies it was great
She does show her dogs so her reply may not always be quick

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