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Heidi is beautiful. She looks curious like why are you taking my picture. How old is Heidi?

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I know B's are not supposed to like water, but our boy Korben loves to play in the hose. If I am outside watering plants, Korben will chase the water, try to grab it with his mouth and run back and forth under it. If I squirt the hose into a small pool he will even jump in there and try to get it. Just curious if any other B's out there enjoy water as well.

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We just got a basenji from Kathy She is locat in SE Portland Oregon and has bread them for years. I. Am not sure where you are located but I know there are 2 in Oregon that I am aware of. You put a deposit down and she does like to meet the owner.

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Talk about adorable. I see why you wanted him. He does look like a basenji with the tail and some markings. Congratulations

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Our male B is almost 6 months old. He is constantly nipping and trying to bite at our feet. We have tried to just stand still so he does not think it is a game and tried telling him no. We have also tried to distract him with a toy but nothing seems to be working. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the suggestions. We have started giving peas and carrots with his dinner and he seems to enjoy them. We will start adding more as time goes on.just experiment just like we do with kids.

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Thank you all for the comments about food. We have tried broccoli and cottage cheese but does not seem to enjoy it. We will try other veggies to set if he likes those.

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My basenji Korben is now 5 months old and 19 lbs. He is still on puppy food and generally eats 2/3 of a cup twice a day. When should we move him to adult food and how much should we be feeding him?

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We bought a dremel to do his nails and he absoutely hates it. I let him look, snif and move it while it was not off and he just backs up. I turned it on and he ran away. So we will us the dog clippers for his nails, those seem to be working.

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Hello all, This is our first Basenji and he is so much fun, interesting and silly all at the same time. He was 2 mts old when we received him and it is just amazing how quicky he has grown. His home is in Oregon and we call him Korben but his registered name is Khani's Teazer Endlessly Jealous. His biological parents are Hawk and Kyla.
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