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Basenji Shaun in Seattle

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‎$6 worth of fancy celebration steak, lovingly cooked outdoors on the BBQ grill, chilled to perfection and cut diagonally with restaurant style presentation: gone in four seconds…

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Here are some "memories" of Shaun and his love of toilet paper…

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Shaun competes again today. So far he has won Best in Maturity on Friday, WD/BOW Saturday to finish his Championship, and also wins Best BBE in Breed and a BBE Group 3.

Definitely getting a steak dinner this evening once its all over!

Couple more pics from Friday:

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I can't wait to get Shaun and Mbali back home…

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Today was the day: four more points to put him over the top at the 2011 EBC in Washington state. The EBC is the largest Basenji show of the year. He competes again on Sunday ( a new class maybe) and then I go pick him up…

Here is a shot from yesterday with co-breeder Katie Campbell congratulating co-breeder and handler, MaryK Quinnett, with an excited Shaun looking on. Shaun had just won first place in the Maturity contest at the EBC.

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One more of Shaun watching squirrels in our trees…

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I think Shaun weighs in around 20-22 pounds?

Judy Lang is the long time grand Basenji lady of Washington state. She attends/conducts the puppy training classes that we bring Shaun to. She congratulated us on Shaun's 5-point major win last weekend and asked us about his condition. Did we run with him? No, we are not runners, but Shaun does get a ton of long walks each week which probably makes him look fit and handsome…

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Katie, aka Taji Basenjis, entered Mbali, Shaun's' little sister, in her first show today (same show as Shaun's huge win). She is 8-months-old so I am not sure what class she is in? She won a third place ribbon! Off course this class had only three competitors, but who's counting…

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A dog fighting ring in the Seattle area was just busted the other day. Sad what people do for money and entertainment…

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Shaun won again today at the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club in Washington state.

Best Dog, Best of Winners, Best Bred by Exhibitor, Best of Group and then Best in Show!

The little guy is on fire. Be interesting to see how long this lasts. The biggest Basenji show of the summer (in Washington) is next week (Evergreen Basenji Club). More competition for sure. But even if he wins nothing he has had a very successful run this summer…

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