• Hello everyone, Last week i had to go photograph a landscaping project we did last year in a place called Jarabacoa, up in the mountains. I took Ayo and he had the best time running around with 2 black labs.. It was awesome beacuse he had never been off leash in such a big place like that. Hope you enjoy the pics…. P.S. the landscaping could be better kept..:rolleyes: , but its still nice...

  • Looks like Ayo had a blast. The landscaping looks pretty good to me

  • beautiful place! looks like the dogs had plenty of fun, and then tired themselves out!

  • Looks like they had a great time - their tongues are all hanging out! Pure joy! 😃 But I do like pic #137 - that says it all! 😃

  • Yes I like #137 too - "I tired them out; I'm king of the pack"
    And what are the white iris-like looking plants by the rocks?

  • Yeah that is a great picture.. at first the labs were not very interested in playing, then Ayo got them runing around everywhere and in the end picture 137!!!!
    Those ARE actually Irises. They are a pale yellow actually…..

  • I love the 'armrest' in the 9th picture!

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