• Hello everyone. Two weeks ago I took Ayo to the beach. A place called Palmar de Ocoa. Here are a few pics. He would have nothing to do with the water. I threw him in and he swam right out and gave me the evil eye… UNfortunately I didnt have my camera then, as I was in the water, it was hilarious....When we were at the house (which I designed..:o,, ill post pictures some time), i was alwasy worried he would run out... no danger of cars, but lots of other houses, etc... but he seemed to prefer just lying down close to everyone, like in the photo!!! That is one of my nieces, Palma, with him on the pier...

  • It looks like a fun place to be! He looks so relaxed haha.

  • Ohhhhh… to live in a warm place like the DR. I am envious. 🙂

    I love how Ayo looks at the water - like he is thinking 'evil water!'. But he truly looks happy sitting with everyone in the second picture - what a great smile!

  • Lovely pictures of Ayo and a beautiful place

  • Ayo is a great looking basenji…I bet he really loves the warm climate of the Dominican Republic! Thanks for posting.

  • Houston

    Great pictures…he looks to love the lavish life of DR...lucky him..and you.. 🙂

  • Ayo has gotten so big and beautiful! It's nice to see him hanging out with the family. 🙂

  • Thanks everyone for the comments… It is a beautiful place, unfortunately, although i know it feels that way to people abroad, I don't live in a place anything like that. I live in a 3+ million people city, hot and hectic and noisy and stressful. ALthough I live two blocks from the ocean, sometimes months go by and I don't see it, and although beautiful beaches are at least 35 minutes away, sometimes almost a year goes by without going!!!! Believe it or not, i look at many of your pictures, of snowy landscapes and am often jealous!! Everything looks so clean and orderly and quiet.. You know we are always in awe and a bit jealous of what we dont have!!!!!
    Anyway it was a very fun weekend. Today I am returning from Jarabacoa which is up in the mountains very beautiful place. Went to photograph a landscaping project we did last year and Ayo had a great time running around the whole place with two beautiful black labs. he had never been totally free in such a big place before it was awesome, will post pictures soon!!!
    yes Shananigan, Ayo has grown a lot, and he is a very happy dog, and he loves to be with people and loves children... I am really happy...

  • you are so right that we all have a tendency to think the grass is greener elsewhere. there are definitely pros and cons to every locale.

    at least while you are in DR, you can enjoy the good food! we have a great DR restaurant here and i know several people who have lived there. i always appreciate beans and rice and fried plantains!

  • Ayo looks very relaxed and happy just to be near the water - that's obviously enough for him!

  • definetly great food!! I like the fried sweet plantains myself. I have great admiration for people who volunteer to help others, specially ia place like Haiti. Although I have never been. We are very aware and afected by their situation. I wish him the very best and hope he stays safe.

  • thank you. hopefully it can remain stable - as i'm sure you are keenly aware of far more problems than just earthquakes.

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