Newsom updates! (4 months!)

Here are some updated pics of my little guy, Newsom. He'll be four months old on the 27th. He's SO well-behaved, we really lucked out with him. He's a smart, funny boy and we love him a whole lot.

These are pics taken at work- I work in holistic pet health. He goes to with me and meets new people and doggies every day. We learned he's a BIG fan of sweet potatoes (in the last pic!)

Here's the handsome boy:

And here's a video of Newsom and his big brother Shango sharing a bully stick. They each grab an end and chew, chew, chew. They really are best buds!

Awesome! He sure is a cute little guy!

Love the video. Glad to see they're getting along great. 😃

What a cute face!

He is getting big.

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