• Kasko is getting big. He is 5,5 months old. His new nickname is "vepsen" Wasp in english. Why? Because he sounds like one when he is tired. The fact that Kahlo is 4 times bigger than him dosent stop him from trying to attac her when he is tired. Fortunatly Kahlo is gentle with him and we are getting the problem under controll.

    So, more pictures:

    He is 4 month on these pictures:

    Truls hunts Kahlo, Kasko hunts Truls:

    He wants to be a giant when he grows up, so he has to practise:

    Movie: How to really enjoy life, Giant (and basenji) style:
    pardon the norwegian text.

    How to use a giant as a bed (mobile pictures, pardon the quality):


  • Great shots of Kasko! He's very handsome black and white.

    I love this shot!

  • Great pictures, love the ones on the field :D.

  • I just love seeing all of the pictures where the b in the picture is resting on/with another dog, be it another basenji or another breed. Animals love, no matter what.

  • He is a lovely b/w b…thanks for the photos.

  • You have a lovely little Wasp 😉
    I know the sound you mean, it's like a high pitched drone isn't it 😃

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