Kasko( and Kahlo )

Since the weather this weekend has been horrible the dogs have had to let out some steam indoors:

"oops… Busted!"

"Lay still you overgrown furball!"

King of the hil… eh Giant:

"Let me help you smile, Kahlo - lets see - lift the beard here…"

"Omg - what have you put on me?!"

I love looking at pics of these 2 playing together! They are wonderful & always make me smile 😃


Great pictures Anette..they look so happy together.

That big black boy is sure lucky to have the fur to keep the puppy teeth away from him.
kidding they look great!

U all do have alot of fun with your B's! Great pics.

Great pics! They look very cute together!!

Lovely pics Anette

Great pics…I really like King Of The Hill!!!

Great pics!! More, please.

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