Kasko says hi (warning; lots of pictures)

Long time… So we just pop in to say hello with some new pics from Kasko.

We have moved and this is our new paradise:

He is now 7 months old. And, if I may say it my self - he is pretty! And silly:


Relaxing in the sun:

He thinks he is twice as big as Kahlo…

Got it!


Kasko has found a new friend, my horse: Lady

Where there is food, there is Kasko:

If I just strech…

and grab…

Got it!

Yummy, apple with horse saliva:

I have open my home to rescue kittens, homeless and born in the wild, so they'll stay with me untill we can find them new homes. And of course, Kasko had to meet them:

"What is that? Its not a dog, and not food…"

The kittens are tiny…

Cool photos..and the big black dog is a ????

Great pics of Kasko, he's very handsome! Looks like he's well socialized too.

Thanks 🙂

The big black is my Giant Schnauzer Kahlo. 🙂


Wonderful pictures..he is growing into such a handsome young man..and I love, love, love the Schnauzer too..and the horse..

First Basenji's

Second to last, with the kitten, is my favorite.

Wonderful pics!! Looks like Kasko is enjoying his life!

Absolutely love these photos, he looks so charming!

Great picturse - you surely do seem to have found your paradise! Love also to see that the kittens are not threatened by Kasko. They all seem to be very content with one another. He's a beautiful boy. Love the kitten -

Thank you all for nice words about my boy. 🙂 Im very glad he is gentle with the kittens, 3 of them are staying with me, togheter with the mummy to two of them.

It's really good to see Kasko and family again, (now plus kittens). Hes is growing so nicely.

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