Here's my boy:

I really don't have enough hands and time to take more pictures lol! Kahlo is frustrated that he is to small to play with, so I have to be inn the game with them to make sure she is carefull and save her from those sharp pointy puppy theets when he gets hold of her front legs. Phew.

I'm really looking forward to when he sleeps through nights.

Super cute! He looks so innocent… 🙂

He's sooo cute! Congrats. 😃

Gorgeous little boy

Very cute love the belly wrinkles.

Rita Jean

First Basenji's

What a cutie, you are sure to enjoy him.

He looks so cute…..

Have fun with him, I'm sure you will 😃


Super cute! He looks so innocent… 🙂

I am not sure innocent is the word I'd use with those canines protruding! lol
More of a "come closer and see what ye shall reap!" kind of look! :eek:


He is so cute..yes, innocent look might be deceiving.

Kasko is such a pretty boy! :o

I'm really looking forward to see him growing up 🙂
And hope to see many pics of it 😉

Oh yes - deceiving indeed. My hands look like I have been in a fight with a stapler. Lol.

He is darling! If he is too annoying, you can send him to me!

Anne in Tampa

I hear you about "stapler hands"… been there, done that

Hah! I have stapler hands at this very moment! 😃

Just some more pictures from us, I'm sneaking in the ones of Kahlo also.

Snow dog

Kasko wants to join Kahlo and play - but the snow is deep and c-c-cold!

Ehm, Doesn't looke safe, does it? (Kahlo jumps because she saw Kasko and wants to not run into him )

Tiny puppy - big toy

"Watcha doing?"

Well, they did pose nicly - until I pushed the button…

Not that she is mad, or anything…

Now you see what roll model Kasko has lol - he'll grow up believing he is a Giant Schnauzer.


Yammy - snow

Happy Go Lucky Snow Monster

Looks like he has a world of sorrow…

He is so adorable… and Kahlo is a great-looking dog. She looks like she is having tons of fun.

Wonderful pictures! Kasko looks absolutely adorable in his sweater! Very cute and stylish! And Kahlo…... I bet she can cheer you up anytime you're feeling a little down.. She looks like a giant clown 🙂

Great pics, I love third one where Kahlo looks like devil and wants to hale off Kasko to the hell :D:D.

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