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Brindle Boy Faro and R & W Zenia ![](images/smilies/wink.png "Wink")

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I would like to know what has happened with Kai. I miss the people who sigh and walk away.

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You all are amazing. Thanks for the ideas. Zenia is doing better. I have purchased a book about resource guarding as well and find that is really her problem. The book is entitled Mine!A practical guide to resource guarding in dogs. I have not read it all but will report on the other advice it gives. Thanks again. The talking awake, waking with treats, only giving the rawhides in the crates, all have been great so far. Thanks for all the advice.

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Ok, first some refresher on Zenia as asked. She is from a friend who has two basenjis and had an accidental breeding. She was very excited that we wanted Zenia as we were already around basenjis and had some experience. Zenia is actually more even tempered about being touched and picked up than our other dog Faro. She gets serious about chew bones and Faro seems to like to tease to the point of anger and that is all we had seen of it until the trip and the surgery. She got just as upset at being stepped on as she had at Faro's teasing with the bones.

We normally don't let it get past the teasing point. If she starts to get serious about fighting for the bones we take them from the both of them and no one gets to chew the rawhide then.

Faro always sleeps in his crate at night and so does Zenia. It is a special treat for them to sleep with us. Zenia was on the bed being cuddled after the surgery and we would have stayed that way if we hadn't has unexpected company that I had to get up for and we were afraid to leave her on the bed as she would likely just follow me, including jumping from the bed.

Zenia had an umbilical hernia and out vet wanted us to fix it. So the surgery was simple and she really had not shaken off the medication when the biting incident occurred. the only other time she is forceful like that is with my husband. If she is already angry at Faro and he will pick her up from behind to separate them.

We have been doing the touching at all times activity and I am going to work on the waking activity that has been suggested. We will also be talking with our trainer as well.
We have not had any other incidents so far. We also stop play for snarky behavior and she does know sitting sweetly gets her loving attention, praise and treats. Once again she is even better than Faro at this. Thanks for the help.

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First I apologize for not getting back with you all sooner. I teach high school and Prom arrived with all the extra work as well as family who stayed for over a week. I have had time to read but not respond. the suggestions are all great and thanks. I will post later on today to let you know what we have done as well as how it is going so far. Our first obedience class for her starts Thursday so we will have that resource as well. Thanks for all the advice even with out my input. Talk to you more about it later.

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Hi all. Our new girl Zenia, age 15 weeks is the grouchies girl and mean when she is startled or moved. For example - One weekend my husband and I were on a trip with the dogs. Faro loves to sleep under the covers but gets to hot so gets out in the night and moves to a cooler location. Zenia hates the covers and doesn't wander in the night much at all. Most of the time the dogs sleep in their crates. This night Faro got out and stepped too close to Zenia who immediately went on the attack. I must say she was ferocious. In another incident she did not want to be moved after a surgery and she actually bit my husband and I as we tried to move her into her crate.

I know the surgery makes for a time that is not a realistic picture of her personality (some could say), but I think it may show us things to come if we do not get a handle on this now.

We start obedience training next week and our trainer is very cognizant of Basenji behaviors and attitudes as she has taught Keith and I tons this past few months that we have been working with her and Faro.

I would like your opinions on this matter. We knew she had a forceful personality before we got her. We really don't have any other problems with her. She began sitting on command for us one day after her arrival to our home and responds well to affection for training as well as for food. She is even more of a love bug than out boy Faro. We just want to be careful to keep this good temperament and attitude.

Sorry this is so long and thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi, we live in Northeast Arkansas and have two basenjis. We would be happy for you to come up sometime and play with our two favorite kids. When I go to google maps it looks like you are about four and a half hours away from us. If you are really interested please feel free to contact me and we can set it up. We love to share our experiences with our basenjis. We were even on the front page of a newspaper recently because of our b's. Wherever we go we always get to talk about our basenjis and we LOVE it.

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What an adorable girl! I love those wrinkles and she actually poses for you. I cannot get my new girl to sit still long enough for that… I think Faro is a bad influence on her. Your Athena is beautiful. Hoping you have many fun filled loving days with her.

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Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I have been on the boards. Keith and I have been enjoying Faro to the exclusion of all else I am afraid. We are currently looking for our second Basenji. Hopefully our new baby would would be a dark brindle girl. Faro turned one today and we are looking for a playmate for him.
We go just one as we were unsure how we would do as Basenji parents but have found we are crazy about it.
My question is just which breeders do y'all know that are having nice striped babies this year.
I have of course looked at BCOA breeder directory and been in touch with a few people. But as we all I know the BCOA doesn't endorse anyone and I would like to be more careful about testing and health issues. It seems like we made a lucky escape and didn't buy from a puppy miller last year, but we almost did. Thanks goodness for the internet and research. Anyway good advice is appreciated. I don't mind traveling to get her either. Thanks in advance.

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It soo sweet of Maya to jump in and "save" the princess from the evil water. Why Lilah might have - DIED from that nasty water stuff. Good job Maya.

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What a beautiful boy. Thanks for the great pics.

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