Pictures of this morning

My absolute favorite:



very nice pics. Thanks for sharing, Janneke.


i love that pic with his mouth open - looks like he's talking to you. thanks for sharing

I have a question for you, does he seem to behave better off lead, when he has his halter on?

As always, excellent pics. My fav is the behind sticking out of the leaves.

love those pics!!! What is the name of that harness?

LOVE the one of his buns sticking out of the leaves!! That is SO cute!

Your dog has such a beautiful face. He looks like an old soul. Just gorgeous!

Thank you all for the compliment.

@Nomrbddgs: I can't really say Tillo behaves better with his harness on or not.. For us it is easier to catch him when he has it on.. And with a long leash attached, it's better for the neck when he has reached the end 🙂
Maybe he does listen a bit better, because we are more relaxed? Hmm.. I will pay some attention to it next time he's loose.

@Yodels: I don't know the brand of the harness. It's a safety harness for in the car. We never use it in the car.. but it works great on walks!

Love your basenji, it has a very photogenic face, and the one of the butt sticking out of the leaves is my fav. as well. But then again, they are ALL very good!

I love the closeup of him running toward the camera, you can really see his wrinkled forehead!!!!🆒

He is SO handsome! Cheers, Tillo!

Great pics Janneke!!!

He has such a naughty face!! 😃


Great pics Janneke!!!

He has such a naughty face!! 😃

I agree Kim !
As always, the pics of Tillo are great (with the new Canon)!
And yes, they're all devils in disguise 😃
I have the small version here at home since yesterday!!
Fun guaranteed I assure you ! 😃

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