Pictures of Cody
First Basenji's

Here's some pictures of my little monster 😃
The first is of him and one of his pups, Remi, who lives with my best friend's mom now. As you can see, his favorite pasttime is chasing squirrels!

Thanks for the pics! I think most people have shots of their B's on a tree chasing/looking up at a squirrel.

First Basenji's

LOL, I bet. That is the only time Cody is still enough outside to get a pic. Other than that, it's just a blur of fur because he is all over the place.


He looks great. I am glad he is doing good. yes we have seberal pics of Otis hunting squirrels, and this last weekend he was trying to get the seagulls flying over his was hilarious.

Nice pics!

We don?t have pics, when they chase a sqirll… we don?t have much squirlls in holland as you all are..
Here they chase ducks and birds..



Otis does his fair share fo bird chasing as well…especially our backyard chickens, so far he only runs after them, he has not motioned to hurt them.

First Basenji's

Buana, Cody likes birds too, but he likes to watch birds unless he thinks he is close enough to catch them. 🙂

Basenjimama, I moving back to the beach (Topsail Island, North Carolina) at the end of this month and can't wait to see how Cody reacts to the beach, seagulls, and pelicans, as well as the crabs and such!

Great pics! Cute pup 🙂

Here another bird hunter 😃

Cody is lovely, as is his Pup. He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth in the pic were he's asleep, lol

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