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  • I am too busy at home but I couln't resist sharing my new pictures!

    Dorsten (Germany)

    Chaffie and one of the dogs we met



    James and Buana, Buana looks so small next to him :D

    And some pictures of last weekend!

    My pretty boy


    Come on brother we will walk along together!


    The club for sweeties

    This morning… Ryan a bit napping with Chaffie...

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  • Love the one of the dog and the cat - obviously they have all decided to be friends. Thanks for sharing!

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  • What great shots!

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  • I vote for the shot of Ryan and Chaffie walking away. Such contentment!

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    You have such cute Boys!!!!!! Fur & Non-Fur!!!!

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  • As always, priceless photos! I suspect that Ryan will become a vet and will himself own basenjis. :)

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  • First Basenji's

    I LOVE your pictures! They really make me SMILE!

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  • LOVE the pics! :-) Thank you for sharing!!

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    They are beautiful pictures - my favourite is Ryan and Chaffie walking together. Thank you for taking time to post them for us to see.

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  • Your pics always make me want to pack my bags and go visit you!

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  • Thank you all so much, I will try to be around here a bit more because I already did see some great stories and pictures… I am missing to much!

    Agilebasenji, you are so welcome! If you ever are in Holland or Germany, let us know! :)

    Kipawa, that would be great, we only can wait to see what he becomes... but I can tell you, animals are his everything every minute of the day... :)

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  • Such pretty boys :)

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    First Basenji's

    what a lovely selection of piccies..

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    So adorable! Love the ones with your little boy… so cute!

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  • Kim, I always love your photos. Anyone that thinks you can't have kids and basenjis only needs to see your photos. Love the ones with Ryan and pups.

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  • Thank you all so much for your kind words!

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  • what a gorgeous family you have :)

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  • How did I miss these! Fabulous pictures… the child and dog walking away, it's a classic.

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