• I have just adopted another B through BRAT, let me tell you what an experience. My current basenji wasn't thrilled about our new family member, she fought the whole thing every step of the way. I have never witnessed such a thing, I don't know if I have ever watched a dog introduced to another one, however I don't know if I ever want to see my dog introduced to another in her territory. They fought for 7 hours nonstop (I am sure that it could be worse). I waited for them to fall asleep, thinking that they would, (my mistake) It got to the point that I had to go to the store to get some supplies for our new addition so I decided to take the new dog with me. When I got home he and Weezie had one more spat and that was it. I haven't the smallest clue on why she decided that then after 7 hours of fighting she would accept him, but she did. I have had our new dog since monday and I caught them sleeping together today! What a week, every body was up in arms , including the foster, the coordinator, and anybody else that was involved. Here are some pictures of the new dynamic duo. They really suprised me! I would have never thought that we would be here after what we went through on monday!

    It all happened so fast I couldn't believe it! Sorry for the foggy picture

    This picture was taken on Wednesday

    This picture was taken on Tuesday and I couldn't believe my eyes.

    All is well now, we have had no outbursts all day. I am just stunned, all the planning that I have done with her couldn't have prepared me for that. Now that it is over, one would think that they were a match made in heaven! If anybody could offer any more advise keep it comming, I need all that I can get, I am now officially out numbered 🙂 I will keep the pictures coming

  • I have a female who can't stand one of my boy, but fighting for 7 hours :eek: , I don't if I would have the courage to keep him in!
    Hopefully he has shown he was brave enough not backing off and worth being part of her pack!

    He is a lovely boy, I like capped tri basenjis, we don't have any in France.

  • awww they are both sooo cute 🙂 Maybe she was Just proving to him that SHE ain't gonna be a pushover I have 3 dogs {2} of them i got 1 week apart and when i brought home each one there was alittle spat for the first couple of days then they where fine I think there just trying to tell eachother where they stand. good luck with the New addition they are both adorable 🙂

  • They do look great together, very nice. 🙂 🙂

  • adorable. good luck! i hope theres no more aggression!

  • Wow! Yeah, it is always better to introduce to dogs (especially when both are adults) on neutral territory. I am suprised your coordinator didn't suggest that. Seven hours of fighting would have been too much for me 🙂 Glad things are working out now!

  • Oh, and he is really cute. I like the capped tri look too.

  • We had the dogs meet on neutral territory, and they fought. It was a rotten day to be outside, i think that it was 15 degrees, so he decided to bring them in and see what happened, and they really didn't fight any harder than they did outside. I am just glad that the worst of it is over and they can be civil to each other. She hasn't snapped at him in days. I think that the pay off was well worth the stress. My concern through out the whole thing is that my kids would get in the line of fire, however I am thinking that Weezies bark was worse than her bite. But I will keep the pictures of my new pack comming!

  • Great to see another capped tri on here.
    I think we are the only 2 🙂
    beautiful dogs!
    I love the big white blaze with the dot, mine has a thin white blaze.

  • Your son looks like he is happy in the middle of those two, how cute!

  • I was so nervous leaving my son in the middle of both dogs. I took that picture the day after buster got here, weezie was still very protective of my kids. She would snap when he would come anywhere near them especially while they were sleeping. She is getting better with it, however I still don't trust her 100%. I don't think that BRAT could have chose a better dog for us. I was suprised at how tall he is. Most people think that weezie is the puppy and Buster is the older of the two. He is a beautiful boy though. Did I mention that he is completely house trained??? He still has the puppy playfulness and every now and again he will nip at the two older kids, but I have no complaints. It was worth the wait. My husband on the other hand that is another story. Yesterday morning I was waking up to get him off to work and I looked both dogs are streched out in the middle of the bed, mostly on his side and he had no blankets, the dogs had taken them and he had both feet on the floor. I woke him up and he said that we would have to work something out with our sleeping arrangements, last night he slept in his recliner 🙂
    I find it amazing how quickly dogs like him, that have been bounced around so much in so little time bounce back. When he first got here and things settled down he would jump up on the couch with me and sit at the far end of it. Almost like he didn't want to get to close, I didn't force the issue I figured that he would come around in time. Now I usually have them both on my lap. I am finding out quickly that having to basenjis to clean up after is almost harder than keeping up with my kids!

  • What a beauty! I love the picture with your son in between them sleeping. How adorable! Glad to hear it's all working out. Keep us posted.

  • Congrats!! I want to get a male so bad but I am afraid that the fight would go one for longer than 7 hours but who knows. Trixie is a tad bit head strong!! HaHa. They are both so cute. They remind me of our little girl.

  • I find it amazing how quickly dogs like him,

    I think it's the daddy is all fun & play, mom has to do most the dirty work thing.

    I love the dog with the racing stripe, it remonds me of race cars from the 60's- really cool markings.

  • "Capped tri" is a new term to me - what does it mean?


    The Z-Pack: Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy

  • @ZenGrrrl:

    "Capped tri" is a new term to me - what does it mean?


    The Z-Pack: Zen, Zoe, and Ziggy

    It is the regular tri colors (black, tan white) but in a different pattern on the head. Instead of a black mask over the eyes, the black is more on the top of the head only…hence the name 'capped'...it is common in beagles.

  • I think that the "racing stripe" is fitting for him. I forgot how much trouble a basenji puppy can cause. He is 1, however the puppy in him is still there. He will jump off the landing into our sunken living room and land about 2' from the couch. I was amazed at how fast he can run, he gets my three year old B running and all you can see is black streaks, they sound like a train is coming through the house. Their new game is playing hide and seek. Weezie will crawl under the couch and Buster will stand right in front of it. Then weezie will pop her head out from under the couch and bite him in the leg. He will then jump straight up in the air and then they do it all over again. I love watching them play. I will sit there and think, if I could only have a quarter of their energy, I could go forever….

  • That is so great they are getting along. He has such a beautiful face!! Weezie is a cutie pie, too. I had a B for years who was red and white and had long slender legs and quite tall. I was surprised when I met the two I have now at the rescue because their legs are much shorter, stockier, and they are much more stocky and compact than Max was.

  • When he and Weezie are playing he will jump over her back, he is that much taller than her. She has never been much of a jumper, buster on the other hand is the first dog I have ever met that could jump straight up in the air while standing still and look me in the eyes. The first time that I left him home alone I came home, he was so excited to see me he was jumping up over and over again. Weezie has always been kind of like: Hey, unless you have got something good for me in that bag, the only thing that your going to get is for me to let you scratch my back:) Not buster, one might think he is tiggers long lost relative lol.

  • I am so glad you had a good outcome and all is settled.

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