Pictures of Zip in her new home!

Finally! Pictures of Zip!

This is her spot. Used to be my spot. I've been bumped over, hehe.

Awww…what a cutie!

She is very cute, reminds me of our Cleo. The Brindles are so exotic looking.:)

She is beautiful!!!!! And looks right at home!! 🙂

Oh look at her! She looks like she's made herself right at home 😃 How sweet!

Well, Zip's pics are well worth waiting for! He is beautiful, love the colors of his tail. The tail and wrinkles are my favorite on these special dogs, they are so neat looking, different from all the other breeds. Basenjis are the BEST!!!!!

She is absolutely adorable

She is too cute…. congrats

She has a beautiful coat and eyes!

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