Faro at his new home
First Basenji's

Here are a few more pics of our adorable Faro. He has been with us for two short weeks. His first vet check went well and he is already a little spoiled. 😉

Faro is a handsome young fella indeed!

yea, i think basenjis are born spoiled. very cute.

Faro is so cute, love that second pic. Great name by the way!

First Basenji's

Thanks everyone. We are already enslaved by the little guy. Making sure we are in charge is so hard because he has such a cute little personality too. We do work on it though as we really don't want an aggressive dog on our hands. And thanks we love his name.

What a sweet little baby face!! I love the little smirk in the second pic like "ain't I cute?"

Lovely boy.

Soooooo cute!!!

Adorable, glad to see he's training you well.

First Basenji's


Adorable, glad to see he's training you well.

It is so funny you say that. My husband told me yesterday that Faro wanted to take a little nap. Normally Keith watches TV around 9am and Faro sits with him and nods off. This day Keith was busy up and about. Faro followed him around and finally went to his chair and steadily looked from the chair to Keith until Keith got the message. It is TV watching/nap time, so sit down silly man. lol Of course Keith did as he was told. lol so Faro has put us all in our places. We love it.


Yes, he is adorable..and I love his name too.

Very nice pictures!!!!

He has a very cute and sweet look 😃

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