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We use olive oil when Kai's skin gets a little too dry, just rub it in and hope he doesn't lick it all off lol

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Thanks for all the advice guys, I have convinced my partner that getting Kai a sister is the best thing to do:)

Speaking of fanconi, we actually ordered Kai's 3 year DNA test kit thingy a couple of days ago 🙂

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Myself and my partner have a 3yr old Basenji (Kai) and we are wanting to add another one to our little pack, either a puppy or by adoption, we have contacted medfly (not heard back yet) already and are looking in the California area too.


Kai is spoiled, he totally has "only child syndrome" loves his treats and attention and we are curious to know what peoples experiences have been with adding another Basenji to a household that already has one.

Also, I have read that it's best that if you are going to have two Basenji's that you have 1 male and 1 female, is this true or just an old wives tale of sorts?


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They are pretty tough beds, Kai does the whole "nesting thing" with it and it's held up just fine, the material is strong 🙂

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Well he does watch America's Next Top Model haha

But thank you, one of the reasons I got the cell phone that I did was because the camera is amazing. 🙂

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He LOVES the sun! I swear..if we were to ever leave California he would be miserable haha

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We got Kai a dog bed from West Paw Designs

The best part of the best is that you can unzip everything and wash it.

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SO here he is 🙂

Kai is now a super healthy cheeky 3 1/2 year old, and know his camera angles really well haha

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Oh that is does!

When we were house hunting, fireplace was right at the top of our checklist.

I'm curious if anyone can recommend doggy coats/boots etc, I've found some on line, but I would really like some personal recommendations.

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Hi everyone! 🙂

Myself and my partner are in the process of buying a second home up in the mountains, where of course..even in southern California, there will be snow, and lots of it.

Does anyone have any advice on being in a colder climate with a Basenji?, besides keeping them nice and warm of course.


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