• My husband and I drove through a New York snowstorm into Massachusetts yesterday to meet and pick up our new little girl. Andrew, her breeder, already named her, Ella Minnow Pea or Ella for short. All the puppies were adorable, but I was just so thrilled to finally see Ella in person. We got to play with the puppies and meet mom and dad, Raven and Obo, both wonderful basenjis. After spending some time with Andrew, the pups and their parents, we carried Ella out to the truck and headed home. At first she was a bit dazed by everything going by as she watched out the window, then tried to investigate the cab of the truck (no, she wasn't in her crate, but Andrew agreed that she might be more comforted if I were to hold her going home), but after about 15 minutes, she settled down and fell asleep. She slept on and off all the way home, waking only to look around and get comfortable again. Once home, she met her new brother Koda, a chihuahua mix and he was a bit miffed since he was used to being king of the house and getting all the attention. He basically chose to ignore her, although she at times would get right in his face and he will growl or snap at her, which doesn't phase her in the least. Ella likes to follow him around, but Koda is really good at the ignoring game. I'm hoping he warms up to her. Last night was noisy to say the least. She screamed and cried terribly in her crate and I admit, I felt so guilty. She finally fell asleep and woke up at 6 a.m. Today was a much better day for her. I was afraid she might really miss her litter mates, but she's been very happy, playing and taking naps. I'm expecting that she will do a lot of screaming and crying again tonight, but hopefully she'll learn to accept it in time. She's just such a cutie and we just love her. I'm going to try to attach a picture of my little Ella, now 9 weeks old.

  • She is too cute… congrats... and yes the first few days away from their littermates and the home they have known can be really stressful... but it passes...gggg

  • She is very cute - makes me want another baby b.

  • Congrats on your new little basenji - Ella is very cute. May you enjoy many happy years with her!

  • super cute! (and if you don't want to hear her cries, i'm sure she'd be super cozy in your bed!)

  • She is very pretty looks like she going to be lots of fun. My girl Jaycee will and would sleep in her crate be great but not Jayden he disliked the grate from day one. He would cry going to bed and half the night. Good luck I am so with tlish they are cozy in bed.

    Rita Jean

  • Congrats on your new cutie!:)

  • She's super cute! Congrats. i love her dark red coat and her mascara - and her tri factored tail!!! :D:D

  • She is really cute! I can assure you that tensions will ease with your Chi. It takes a few days of everybody learning their new place 🙂 Congrats and enjoy!

  • What a beautiful puppy, Congratulations!

  • I insisted on day time crating, but I have always found putting them in your own bed at night makes potty training easier, and so cuddly. 🙂

  • Very cute, I'm just doing a few times a day for crate training right now, giving her treats and food in the crate to get used to it. The two times I've left her secured in it she pooped everywhere and was quite distressed, but she will get over it.

  • Cute puppy, your in for a busy time.

  • Houston

    So, so adorable..congratulations..Things will settle down for sure..

  • She's very pretty - congratulations.

  • She is so cute! Congratulations - she looks just like my Shaye did except for that really darling little tri-color tail! Like all babies, they are adorable so they will live to be adults.:o

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