New puppy coming home on Saturday!!

  • Soooo excited for the new addition to our family! Wonder who is going to wear out first? The border collies or the basenji puppy? Should be an interesting weekend!

  • @Michye7894:

    Soooo excited for the new addition to our family! Wonder who is going to wear out first? The border collies or the basenji puppy? Should be an interesting weekend!

    Congrats… who are you getting your puppy from?

  • We are getting a super handsome dark brindle boy from Bryan and Laurie Gregory's Jumoke Basenjis! Trying to come up with a name that plays off of Mr. Moonlight.

  • Great breeder - welcome and congratulations!

    Regarding names, what comes to my mind is Shadow, though it is not all that creative. Make sure to post some pictures of your boy once you get him!

  • Thank you! I will post lots of pictures when he comes home! 😃

  • congrats to your new addition michye7894…Basenjis are perhaps the most interesting and sometimes challenging breeds out there, but I am biased. lol I got my girl Scarlett this year from Therese at fopaws basenjis...she is a wonderful breeder and her basenjis are top notch...I will post pictures soon myself.

  • Thank you! Therese's basenjis over at Fopaws are definitely top notch! I just showed with her last weekend and she had a beautiful black and white! Loved her. Congrats on your addition as well! I have had the luck of being involved with basenjis just about my entire life it actually amazes me that I am just now getting around to actually owning one!

  • My boy Cody is your pups dad. I can't wait to see photos!

  • He is so handsome Sharron! (pretty sure he knows it too the way he prances around with his nose in the air!)

  • Your in for an exciting time. Get a good routine down and get him into a gentle training class. Oh, Lurecouring also, when he is older. The b's love to run!

  • Welcome and can't wait for pics 🙂

  • michye7894…Do you enjoy showing? I have zero desire to put my girl Scarlett through that maybe done the road when we get another basenji. I am considering letting her do some lure coursing for fun...I would be so nervous to show her or have her shown...would want her too win too much!

  • Houston

    Welcome…so exciting...

  • It is so much fun to show! You win some you lose some… but in the end its all about going out meeting new people and seeing old friends. Last year was my first year showing... the dogs seem to like it (they know there will be plenty of yummy treats!) I think it is by far more stressful for us crazy humans then our thoroughly pampered pups!

  • Well I am gonna let Scarlett be our most loved and precious without the showing part of things but sounds like something I shall look into for a future basenji…I have so much to learn right now and she deserves the best I can give without the ups and downs of showing. It would be awesome to have a little champion in the house!

  • Walter, some dogs love to show, some, not so much. IMO, I would never say until you see the b full grown and social.
    My friend Lisa Saban has a b that at one time was thought NOT to be a show dog.
    Now he is a double Ch. AND he loves it.
    So, laugh, the b might not give you a choice. giggle.

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • Psssst - Hi from your Oregon pals! Dude & Ono can't wait to meet their new buddy! Have you picked a name yet? Count my vote for Turbo!

  • I just saw your note about naming him something that goes with Mr. Moonlight - I will have to think and let you know if I come up with anything good 🙂

  • Names that have 2 syllables and end on an up-note (y or ie) are easy on the tongue and ear and have a happy sound. Think about how it will sound yelled in the dark in your neighborhood or in public!
    A locally 'famous' dog trainer told us years ago that he gives this advice to people: if you want a happy, friendly dog don't name him "Brutus", name him "Buddy", he even had clients change their dog's name to a lighter sound.
    I'm sure when you get him, the right name will come to you.

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