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My guys really enjoy this brand. It has no grains at all, which is what I like. It is recommend for 1 year and over. For me it was around 50 dollars for the big bag. If you're looking for a new brand, try this one!

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I take my two b's to the dog park about everyday. My Roo who is fixed always gets in fights with other basenjis. If any other breed, Roo will just walk away. Why is it basenjis only? Does he "know" they are the same breed?

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At the moment I have a dog run. For the base we put down mulch which I don't like. It's not sanitary and you can't clean it. Any suggestions?
I like the idea of astro turf, but it would cost 2000.00 and I need something cheaper that will drain well. Is pea gravel a good choice?

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Ahhhh she's cute and Roo looks a lot like Milo.
Do you know if Pipper still has her dew claw?

Yes, her and Roo both.

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Monthly Strip Testing only. DNA testing has not been done.

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I use a leave in conditioner from DermCare sold at PetSmart. It does a good job of controlling dry skin after a bath.

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Here's a pic of Roo in our bed and Piper.


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Hi Natalie,

Milo is a cutie. They grow so fast. Piper is doing great. House training is coming along. She rang the bell on the door for the first time yesterday and went out and did her business. Roo loves having a buddy to play with. Piper still sleeps alot, especially after a play session with Roo.

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I went to the BRAT website and signed up to help foster. We'll see what happens next. My husbands not to keen about us fostering, since we just added a new puppy (Piper) to our family. I dont think having one more basenji in the house would be a problem, especially since we dont have children.

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I live in socal. Is BRAT looking for foster homes close to SD only? Do they ship via plane if you are far away?

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