New Puppy.. at last :)

I am getting one of the Florida rescue basenji. Debbi Johnson finally sent pics. I am so excited, I cannot wait! Click for larger size đŸ™‚

My husband gave up campaigning for a golden or a mini dachshund and is also, surprisingly, excited. Although last week he was fussing about Arwen getting on the table and told her "AND YOUR MOM WANTS ANOTHER JUST LIKE YOU!" LOL.


Congrats!!! That is super

Yeay, congrats! What a cutie! Do you already have a name for her?

Congratulations! Those Florida puppies sure are cute!

She's a pretty little pup, how exciting

Oh, Yea!!!!!!!! how old, is your girl?

I'm totally envious that you not only have your first basenji, but that you made it a rescue basenji. Congrats on both counts. She is the sweetest looking little thing!


Congrast Debra..she is adorable, her face is too cute. What is her name? When do you get her?

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