• Hi All,

    Life has been crazy busy lately.

    Out of the blue came a call from Shaun's breeder with the surprise news that one of her latest puppies was available at the last minute. "Would we be interested in taking her?"

    Oh my gosh! Shaun just recently turned one and now we have a 9-week-old puppy!

    Her name is Mbali (Zulu for "flower"), and she is doing wonderfully well. Shaun and Mbali play a little rough at times but they are getting along great!

    Here she is:

    Tons of photos and a blog update here: http://basenji-shaun.com/newpuppy.html



  • Love the photo of them sleeping cheek to check, congrats on an adorable girl, I'm sure Shaun is a very happy boy too.

  • Thanks! Its lots of fun watching her imitate all the little things that Shaun does. I have not shot any video yet but plan on getting some good footage soon.

    Little Mbali goes at 100mph but then needs a sudden nap - we live for these quiet interludes…

  • Awww she is just a cutie and I love love her name :D! I am a red/white fan but this little girl could steal my heart :).
    Congrats to your new addition.

  • oh so cute!

  • First Basenji's

    SOOOOOOO cute!
    Gorgeous photos and videos, as always. I love the picture you've entitled "Togetherness" on the blog. That needs to be a poster or something.

  • Awwwww . . .
    very cute

  • I'm pleased to hear that Shaun has a baby ompanion. She is very pretty.

  • Houston

    She is adorable..Shaun looks very happy..siblings are good. I've had more than one dog since 1998..now we have 4..they love each others company..then again, they love your alone company as well though..

  • Cuteness overload! OMG wow, that is WONDERFUL! So very cute. I agree, the cheek to cheek one should be on a calendar!

  • Adorable puppy. Glad to see that Shaun is doing so well.

  • Great pics congrats on the new addition to your family!

  • Thanks everyone!

    Its great to have two dogs again. Two days ago was Valentines Day, the one year anniversary of our losing Mojo. We had Mojo (a Catahoula) and Shala (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) for many years. Our lives with these two were simply wonderful. We lost Shala first and poor Mojo managed for a good year by himself until his end finally came. We will miss them always.

    Switching to Basenjis is a new adventure for us, but call us smitten! Shaun has been great. But its a ton of fun having two young vital dogs in the house again. Mbali is so comfortable now with jumping onto "Shaun's chair" and snuggling with his big bro for warmth. The strides she has made in one week is quite remarkable…

  • Precious!!:)

  • @Kirsten:


    Oh yes, remembering our dear departed friends whilst enjoying the company of our current hounds…

    Bitter sweet, no?

    I was asking this question to Sherri the other day: "how much money would you spend to have just one afternoon on a warm day with Shala and Mojo together again, romping in warm field - and meeting & playing with Shaun (and now Mbali)???"

    I bet most of us have this fantasy: having your current pets meeting your departed (from this world) pets from yesteryear, just for one glorious afternoon...

  • What a gorgeous face. Someday I'd like a puppy exactly like her. Beautiful pictures, too. My favourite was the very first one on the blog. Too cute. Look forward to seeing more pics as she grows. Will she get to "play show-dog"?

  • Super cute…congrats on the new addition. I'm sure you're finding out that 2 basenjis are just so much fun. BTW, I love the black & whites!!!

  • She is just beautiful - I'm sure Shaun and your new puppy will be the best of buddies. Little girls tend to love older "brothers."

  • Congrats on the new addition!!!

    We have similar stories, I started out with my r/w boy and 12 months later my b/w girl came along!!!

    Looking forward to photos & stories on the blog.

    Is this Lil's puppy?

  • Yes, this is Lil's puppy. Do you know Katie?

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